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  1. mntatonka

    Collecting near bait

    We raided the candy factory in town when it closed. Ended up with like a dozen barrels of gummy bears, not to mention barrels of flavoring and other ingredients. Pretty set for the sweet stuff for a while! We dropped off a 55gal drum of gummy worms, bunch of boxes of circus peanuts, granola, cookie dough, and strawberry glaze. The guy who baits for us has been seeing a ton of bears, and no one else in the surrounding area seems to have gotten a permit.
  2. mntatonka

    Deer Lottery Question

    Really? They automatically enter you? That's stupid, what if I don't want a doe tag in the first place?
  3. mntatonka

    Favorite bear bait

    Gummy bears, or any other gummy candy. They smell (and keep) forever, even after rain. And bears can't grab a big chunk and run off as easy.
  4. mntatonka

    Regs are out

    they really want to trim the herd in 346/349. 5 deer limit AND early antlerless? In other words, 10 deer limit.
  5. mntatonka

    Bear lottery in ! I'm out

    when a bear kills someone/something? I didn't get drawn for 51 either, and I had a preference point (should have had 2, but forgot to apply for one last year)
  6. it'll be exactly where they expect it to be, just like it is every year. When you control the data, it can say whatever you want.
  7. mntatonka

    Save A Doe - Please Consider It

    the nice thing about that type of regulation, as the DNR will tell you, is that kids in areas of limited doe harvests are extremely successful. It's really quite amazing at how many does kids actually tag in lottery or bucks only areas.
  8. mntatonka

    SE Minn Youth Deer Hunt

    There's a good sized chunk of public land along Highway 61 next to LaMoille, at the end of Winona county road 7. That'd be area 346, so a 5 deer limit. There's a little parking area behind the guard rails maybe half a mile up the road from 61. I've seen people camp there many times. Can go either side of CR7 from there and be on state land.
  9. mntatonka

    2015 regulation booklet

    landowner tag is free, depredation tags are usually $1 or free.
  10. mntatonka

    2015 regulation booklet

    If I had the money to buy the tags, I'd work hard to harvest all 10 allowed to me, but that's a pile of cash in tags! Our genius DNR wants certain areas with a lot of deer to shoot a ton of does, but then makes the tags prohibitively expensive. Makes perfect sense.
  11. The meeting started at 8am just like it always does, and was stated in the agenda that he would have received.
  12. HOURS late. 10-20 minutes when you're travelling a few hours to Grand Rapids, that's understandable. But not hours late without a heck of a reason.
  13. I wouldn't give him any thanks until you see the results of the vote, and whatever comes out of an audit if it goes through. I lost all respect for the guy when he didn't show up on time for the MDHA meeting where he was running for president. That was proof enough for me that he just wanted "MDHA presidential nominee" in his email signature.
  14. mntatonka

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    the recommendations ARE for the goals, not for the current population. from the site: In 2015, the DNR is revisiting deer population goals
  15. mntatonka

    New MN Deer Advocacy Group

    there's usually an average of 10,000 deer harvested during muzzleloader, and I don't think that would increase very much regardless of what changes were made to the standard firearms seasons.