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  1. Chasing girls is all fun and games until someone gets poked in the eye. Stumbled upon this guy as I was hiking through a twin cities park.
  2. Storm

    Last Days Of Summer

    Yeah I was not expecting any left but found an area that seemed like late bloomers. Definitely was slimmer picking then earlier this month but enough to keep it worth it. Most plants were long done though.
  3. Tried something a little different than my normal photography. Camped just outside the boundary waters and enjoyed the night sky after long days of fishing/exploring. Long exposures and lots of mosquito swatting. Even found some blueberry from a few weeks ago. Sad to see summer coming to an end but fall is my favorite season just ahead.
  4. Storm

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Looks like Derrick Rose is back on a good one year contract. He showed promise in the playoffs and his contract is as good as they come. He will be a good backup guard that can fill in the starting lineup if injuries happen. Hopefully find a three three point shooter like others have mentioned but they are a hot commodity in the league right now so will come with a price.
  5. Storm

    River otter

    Yeah I noticed the eye right away. I know they have a “third eyelid” for under water viewing. Not sure if that could possibly be stuck for that eye somehow?
  6. Was out fishing from the kayak and had this guy come up and check me out. He then went and buried himself in some brush as if he was trying hide from me. Taken in central MN
  7. Took the kayak crappie fishing opening weekend and when calm always bring with the DSLR with. These turtles are glad the weather has finally consistently warmed up. I always find it funny seeing turtles stacked on top of each other and found a few along with multiple species which was nice.
  8. Heard about this deer at a state park near me and got the time to check it out last weekend. Fortunately was able to find it walking a trail. “Face mask and long socks for the extended winter”
  9. Visited the open water in the area and a lot of birds are moving through. Here are a few from the last couple weeks. As much as I like ice fishing the spring thaw and the nature that follows is a welcome site.
  10. Storm

    Spring Is Upon Us

    I’ve seen a few blue herons in the twin cities area and even my first loon of the year on Sunday! It will have to stay on the river for a little while from the looks of the weather though coming up. Still quite a bit of ice on the lakes.
  11. Storm


    Delcecchi the goldeneyes, ringnecks, and swan pictures are from lake vadnais actually as well. First time checking it out this fall but it's already one of my favorites in the cities area.
  12. Storm


    Was able to get out these last couple weeks a couple times to enjoy the waterfowl before most of them left for good. Surprisingly was able to find a couple sea ducks on back to back weekends. The harlequin was a first for me in MN and the Long Tail was the second of my life. Young long tail days before this lake froze over. Hen Harlequin below the St. Cloud darn couple weeks ago. American blackduck - may have some slight mallard mixed in with it as I noticed some green on its head from certain angles. widgeon picture I liked the colors with. This was taken early November.
  13. Storm

    A few from Bowstring

    I have tried night time pics with my 18-55 without as good of luck. Don't have remote yet but used the delayed timer. Will have to keep trying and play around with settings.
  14. Storm

    A few from Bowstring

    What lens you use for the night sky pictures? I really like them.
  15. Storm

    Maplewood State Park

    Love the pictures. Also have fished beers lake in the past off the pier. Brother got a musky off the pier with a sucker minnow. I also had a decent sized one snap my line when reeling in a sunny.