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  1. justplainbob

    Rod question???!

    That is my go-to blank for a walleye rod. I feel it compares as good or better than the St. Croix SCV blanks I have built on. Batson has changed the name of the blank this year, can't remember exactly what it goes by now.
  2. 2005 Scion A with 388,000 miles. Has required only routine maintenance.
  3. justplainbob

    Beretta PX4 Storm

    My son carries a PX4 9mm subcompact and loves it. I have shot it numerous times and liked it so mucvh that I just ordered one. My son added a Hogue rubber grip which feels much better in the hand. Nice triger pull.
  4. justplainbob

    Accord distributor o ring leak

    Thanks Airjer!
  5. My son has 97 Accord with an oil leak. Local shop said it was from a leaky distributor O ring and they advised replacing the distributor. The car runs great so I doubt if the electronics have been contaminated with oil. Would it be ok to just replace the $1 O ring, as long as things look ok when I pull the cap off? Is taking the distributor in and out a big deal as far as engine timing goes? Thanks
  6. justplainbob

    Flushing Merc 155 lower unit

    How many of you guys flush your lower unit with RV antifreeze vs. lowering unit to make sure water drains out? I have tried flushing lower unit by hooking a short hose up to the round mitts and pouring RV antifreeze thru the hose with the motor running, but it seems to take about 3 gallons before antifreeze comes out the p hole; most of the antifreeze comes out by the prop. Am I right to be worried about my motor getting too hot? Is there a better/more efficient way?
  7. justplainbob

    Mercury fuel filters

    Thank you, sir! I will give it a go.
  8. justplainbob

    Mercury fuel filters

    I have a 4 year old Merc 115 4-stroke. The owners manual mentions that there is a low pressure fuel filter and a high pressure fuel filter, and that a special tool is needed to replace the high pressure filter and that only a marine mechanic should attempt it. Does anyone have any experience changing the high pressure filter? Thanks