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  1. I got a coyote hide I would like to have tanned.. Is there any place around the St. Cloud/Avon area that would possible tan it?
  2. There is still I weekend left in the season right? I whimped out because of the cold.
  3. passed a easy shot on a medium size doe... have a feeling that, that was a very bad idea.
  4. I picked up some hornady FPB bullets. they say that they load easily but when I loaded it, it was not very easy to get started. I had to use my starter. Once in the barrel it slid down fairly easy. Now I'm still some what new to the muzzleloader world, is this something I should be concerned about? (I did not fire it yet, I just pushed it out the back)
  5. anyone try the hornady FPB bullets? They look real interesting, Think I may go pick a pack up.
  6. Spent Thursday afternoon till yesterday evening hunting around Orr. We kicked up about 15 birds. I got 4, one of those 4 I got was a sharp-tail that really surprised me and wished I would of gotten a picture of. By the time we left out of the 5 hunters we got 7 total. Should of had more but it was still a fun weekend.
  7. Had a fun morning. Hunted central Minnesota. Got 1 woodie 1 mallard and 2 drake pintails. Seen lots of birds. Some where near to 100+ but mostly teal and they did not give us and good shots. Called it an early morning because my buddies gun decided to no longer work.
  8. After all summer of getting nothing but does, cows and coons I finally got a few bucks. Nothing huge but happy to see them
  9. I have a CVA Accura V2 and love it. It is one of my favorite gun. I highly recommend this gun for any one thinking about getting a muzzleloader.
  10. So I finished washing my boat and I'm about to put the layer of flat black primer on. But my question now is should I buy spray cans to do the base layer of paint and pattering or if I should just buy the paint by the gallon? O and should I just put the a layer of primer on the whole boat or just on certain spots. Opinions are greatly appreciated. thanks
  11. Thanks guys for sharing your info I'm going to take a look at the barnes sabots. but one more quick question. when you are using sabots in the field, do you run a patch down the barrel before you reload or what? thanks
  12. I'm wondering what is a good bullet for muzzleloaders. I normally use powerbelts and have no problem with accuracy. But from what I have hear they aren't very good when it comes to penetration and expanding. I have yet to kill a deer with my muzzleloader but have heard of multiple stories where people only start finding blood 50+ yards away and then finding the deer another 50+ yards from that. suggestions would be great I would like to pick some up soon and start practicing while I have a good amount of time to do so.
  13. Here is a 22 incher not a monster but still a nice fish
  14. youth hunters get to pick there season this year but next year they may pass the bill about letting them hunting all season
  15. The more I think about it I mite just go for a 12ga because I could also us it for clays. Seemings how I hardly ever see 16ga trap loads. So I guess im looking for a some what light auto 12ga if its possible. Sorry for throwing in more stuff I guess I start to think a little harder insted of just jumping into it.
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