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  1. Hunted Nisswa area for the past 3 days- not much moving during the day. Deer we did see were bedded down. Located a small area that had 5-6 fresh scrapes which excited me- hunted one evening close to a particular scrape with no action. Perfect morning hunt today until the snow made it too wet to sit w/o rain gear.
  2. Thanks for the help. I'll post results next week - we are super excited to get the powerpro sailing.
  3. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We plan on fishing this Saturday with little experience on this body of water. We would love to go out of Brevic and fish around Bear Island. Would the "sheep pastures" hold fish this time of year? Thanks for any help.
  4. Had the opportunity to stop in at Midwest Archery today. Just bought a bow on a-sales-site (a little nervous to say the least) and wanted to get it tuned. The staff was very knowledgeable and welcoming. We got everything tuned up, new arrows cut, and ranged out to 30yds(comfort zone is 30yds. Highly recommend any service, range shooting, or just sitting around talking hunting ( few guys and gals doing that). I'll be back for sure.
  5. Phantom (black and silver), cowgirls, and showgirls. Good luck - super jealous!
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