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  1. Garett Svir


    Dr. Juice try float fishing. While anglers are really starting to embrace the centerpin a simple float fishing set up on a spinning rod will keep you in the strike zone and allow you to avoid snagging up all the time. Attaching the float with surgical tubing will let you know where you are in the water column. If the float points downstream you are set too deep, if it points upstream you need more split shot on your line, if it stands up and you see a nice tick once every couple feet you are in the zone. Adjust depth consistently and play with the amount of split shot on your line. Beads, black bugs, spawn and yarn all work great under a float. This is a highly effective and under utilized method to hook Brule River steelhead. Good luck!
  2. Garett Svir

    Proview Ducer

    You will love the Pro View transducer. It allows for infinite adjustment and can be used shallow or deep. It is essentially a 40/9 degree transducer, offering a 40 degree primary cone angle and a 9 degree secondary cone angle. You can adjust it simply with the gain switch. I have upgraded every unit I own to this transducer technology.
  3. Garett Svir

    Vexilar vs Marcum

    Dan- The Blaine Hardwater Expo is this weekend and it's a great place to get info on both units. Stop by the Vexilar booth on Sat or Sunday and I'd be glad to run through some of the features on the FLX-28. The Vexilar FLX-28 has 20 different interference rejection channels to choose from so I haven't had any problems with interference using this unit.
  4. Garett Svir

    Brule Fall 2015

    River got pretty muddy today, so I think I'm done until Spring. I haven't been able to get fish to hit eggs or egg patterns the past week so we switched to dual nymph rigs and had some success. I assume this is due to a small coho run and the browns being done spawning. We've been running a big black stone fly with 25" or so tied off the shank of the hook to a smaller spring wiggler (hex) imitation. Setting the rig 1 1/2 times as deep as the run and adding 2 bb split shot to get down has been the ticket for me. The centerpin really allows for some long drifts using this rig and doesn't call for any stack mending. Good luck to those finishing out their seasons this weekend, see you in the Spring.
  5. Garett Svir

    Ultra pack or Pro pack?

    That's why they have so many different options. It ultimately comes down to what fits you best.
  6. Garett Svir

    Brule Fall 2015

    Great report and beautiful pics guys. I am so happy that we finally got the rain we've been waiting for. Friday was really good and Saturday got a little tougher as the water rose and colored up. Now that the water is dropping and clarity is improving the entire river should be fishing well. As most of you know I'm a center pinner. One key in the high water for me was to over weight the float slightly and run a little longer lead than normal. I would then "trot" or hold back on the float slightly to slow my presentation. When you think of the hydrology the current on the surface is actually moving faster than the water below where the fish are. I believe that doing this allowed me to better match the current speed. Here are a few from my most recent outing.
  7. Garett Svir

    Ultra pack or Pro pack?

    Tough call. I usually go with the pro packs but the transducer holder is really nice on the ultra pack. Here are the spec differences. The Pro Pack II is a very functional case that comes with a digital battery status indicator to keep an eye on your battery status and a 9 amp hour 12 volt battery. It too has the one amp charger and this round case fits into a five gallon bucket. It has other things like a cable management system and even a Vexilar tackle box. The Ultra Pack Case is the last of the three and is consider the ultimate is the Ultra Pack. The Ultra Pack is available from the factory with a FL-12, FL-18, FL-20 and FL-22HDunit. It has a unique enclosed battery compartment with a master on/off control switch design. It has remote charging ports, a great cable storage system and also comes with a tackle box. The over-all case offers a taller, easier to reach feature plus it fit into a five gallon bucket. - See more at:
  8. Garett Svir

    How do you change out the battery for Vexilar Pro pack?

    If you take the screws out of the sides of the head unit and pull out of the way, you can access the screws below. Remove the screws, disconnect battery and you should be in business.
  9. Garett Svir

    Brule Fall 2015

    The cooler temps have really started to get the run going. We've been fishing deep tail outs in the morning hours and running and gunning through deeper "broken" water in the afternoon hours and finding some success. Who's been out?
  10. Garett Svir

    Brule Fall 2015

    Water is low and clear but we are finding some fish. It seems like the fish are running large this fall. Fishing early and late has been key for us. Good luck to everyone on the river this weekend!
  11. Garett Svir

    Measure them gills

    Great job! Large male bluegills pass on their genetics and are so important to the future of our lakes, well done.
  12. Garett Svir

    Running With The Bulls

    Been spending alot of time running with the bulls! Now that the spawn is over we are finding fish moving out from the bulrushes in 7-9 ft. It seems to be that transition period now where the larger gills are making their way out to their summer haunts. While we've had our best success over the last week fishing mid depth flats immediately surrounding the bulrushes, I suspect a weed line pattern will emerge soon. I have a trip tomorrow and I plan to start out fishing the mid depth flats with bobbers and then plan on running some deep weed edges with the trolling motor and vertical jigging. We've been having our best luck using Northland Gill Getters in Lady Bug and Fruit Fly below a Thill Mini Stealth Float. I add a small soft split shot on each side of the float to keep it in place. This will also provide a little added casting weight. The teardrop shape of this float allows me to twitch my line and manipulate a bait much like you would while ice fishing with small kicks and twitches. I'll try and report back after this weekend, until then tight lines!
  13. Thanks for sharing snowguy and glad you had a great season. I think the steelhead numbers are on the rise!
  14. Sorry I've been crazy busy and haven't had much time to report but here are a few from this Spring. Fishing has been good so I'm hoping the numbers are up.
  15. Great pics and reports! Thanks for sharing. I wanted to let everyone know that with heavy rains last evening the Brule is high and very muddy. My suggestion would be to give it a few days. This is however great news for our north shore streams that desperately needed the precipitation. Tight lines