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  1. Jameson, Was that muskie in the pic from St. Louis Bay? It looks just like the one I saw a couple weeks ago. It had the same marks but I thought it was a little early for the muskie spawn.
  2. I've seen that too in that area around Lake Street. Thousands of crows roosting in the trees & on houses. Amazing to see, especially the first time. I wonder why they like that area. Is is just warmer with good tall trees?
  3. vern

    Too much?

    I never said anything about the way they threw all the 10 lb walleyes on the ice or in the bucket. In my opinion these "big" trophy walleyes should be released. They show zero respect for the fishery & it's total gluttony.
  4. vern

    Too much?

    Sickening & stupid. It could have been a great video but they have zero respect for those big fish.
  5. I found a small tackle box at Ann Lake in Chanhassen a couple weeks ago. If you lost one please describe it. If it's yours I'll make sure you get it back. - Vern
  6. Hook - usually a 5/0 EWG Gamakatsu. Frog - Zoom Horny Toad or Gambler Buzzin Cane Toad.
  7. Hi Guys, I just washed my 2008 F-150 & noticed that a small strip of paint had peeled off exactly how Mid-Lake Rock described it above. I don't see any rust or damage, just paint flaking off. I was searching on-line for solutions & found this old thread. My truck has 65,000 miles & is 6 years old so I don't think it's covered under warranty. Any suggestions on the best way to fix this? I plan on keeping the truck for at least 3-4 years. *Mid-Lake, any updates on your truck? Thanks - Vern
  8. Cool pic, even without seeing the eagles right away.
  9. Wisconsin's Waters & Woods - Gillespie Hunt for Big Fish In-Depth Outdoors Keye's Outdoors
  10. I've had a Strikemaster 2 HP Lazer Mag for over 12 years now. Still starts within 3 pulls every time! I just add fresh gas/oil every year & it's good to go. I can't remember the last time I even changed the spark plug. It ran great today.
  11. Yep, Kars4Kids is horrible! And PA calling everyone honey is ridiculous. I just tuned today after not listening for a few years.
  12. Good luck Aaron! Can't wait to read the reports.
  13. Yep, the original Genz Lightning rods were pretty nice for the price. I still have 4 that must be about 10 years old & I still use them.
  14. vern

    Big perch?

    Leech, Mille Lacs & Winni.
  15. vern

    River rocks!

    That's interesting LeeKen. I saw a large flock flying around a dam/rapids on the Crow River today. It looked like they were picking off bugs also. I've only seen them a few times but never over water. Pretty cool to watch the aerobatic maneuvers, especially when they get so close.
  16. I bought the Guidewear (non-insulated). I know this set retailed for over $500 so it was an amazing deal. They even threw in large tackle bag for free!
  17. Last Fall I got a brand new set of Guide Wear for about $160. I originally paid about $240 for the jacket & bibs on sale. The price dropped even more a week later so I visited the store & they gave me an $80 credit. Check the bargain cave! You might have to wait until Fall to see another deal like that though.
  18. Try calling Vexilar in Bloomington with your questions. Sorry, I don't know their phone # but I'm sure they can help you. The display on the older units is not nearly as bright as the newer Vexilars so that could be an issue, especially in daylight. Also, make sure the transducer is level as Hamms mentioned. I had a Micronar many years ago & I would have to adjust the arm a lot to get the strongest return. The newer Vexilars have the self leveling transducers with the float so it's not really an issue any more.
  19. Replacements - All He Wants To Do Is Fish
  20. vern

    House Down

    I saw a small one half way down on Spurzem today when I drove by.
  21. Nice Rum! That's a huge smallie especially for that stretch.
  22. Yep, the Guidewear price is excellent right now, especially if you buy online. - Vern
  23. Cyberfish, Great photos as usual. I like the creativity with the distance shots & the bass looking at the frog. I'm curious, what camera do you use? If I remember right it's not an SLR. Cool stuff! - Vern
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