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  1. I haven't used him but I've read good reports about a outboard mechanic in Mound MN. His name is Kirby and he has decades of experience in outboard repair. I believe he only works on outboards under 25hp, so you're good there. Give him a call at 952-270-7610. Hope this helps.
  2. Great info! I haven't done much trout fishing outside of lake trout, so can you tell me if you're allowed to keep any or all of these fish or is it a catch and release fishery only?
  3. Try a Rapala Rippin Rap in Redfire Crawdad, you might be surprised at what they can do on walleyes. Portaged into a remote lake in NW Ontario 3 years ago and ran nothing but this lure. Between the two of us, we caught 20 northerns and 40 walleyes - in 6 hours of fishing.
  4. Just an update on live bait in Ontario, I stopped at Rainy Lake Sports and Tackle in Fort Frances last Friday. They said leeches are in very short supply and that there were no leeches to be bought north or Fort France. The price per pound? $49.95 Canadian, and they told me I was getting a "deal" because the price was increasing to $54.95 a pound Canadian the next day. They claim the leech trappers just haven't been going out to get leeches. So that being said, you can still bring crawlers into Canada with you as long as they are packaged in commercial bedding, i.e. no back yard bait in dirt. Or Rapala's are always a good choice, especially the deep diving variety.
  5. walt501

    Battery issue

    Run back 26 miles on a remote Canadian logging road grouse hunting. Shut the machine off to get a grouse. Hop back on machine and it won't start. Spend the night in the woods so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face tending a fire and waiting for sunrise. Walk six miles back down the road at sun up. Become tired and make a pillow out of birch branches and grab a few winks. Walk another three miles and finally get picked up by some bow hunters. So I could return the machine to the dealer and get another crappy YUSA battery or I can fix the problem once and for all and have a machine i can rely on in the wilderness. For about $135 and some of my time, I'll take the Odyssey battery and be done with battery problems forever, thanks.
  6. walt501

    Battery issue

    I also bought a new Polaris 850 Touring. I had starting problems almost immediately, but I had the solution. I took out the stock battery and the spacer that sits under it and installed an Odyssey battery model PC925L. The "L" is for left hand positive. The Odyssey battery is over twice the size of the OEM battery from Polaris, takes some doing to get it to fit, but once installed no more battery problems - ever. I've had an Odyssey battery for 7 years in another quad. It sits all winter, no charger, no nothing. Pull it out in the spring and start it up, the Odyssey has plenty of cranking capacity - even after sitting for 6 months. You can buy a new battery from the dealer, and do the same every 2 to 4 years or buy an Odyssey battery and have a long term solution that won't let you down.
  7. I might be reading this wrong, but could you explain rattle traps with beads and a rattle trap with tubes? Never heard of this before. Thanks!
  8. Try Lost Island Lodge on Lac Suel. The family has been in the resort business for decades. In fact, I was on a winter trout trip with Big Jim, the father of the clan, all the way in 1960.
  9. Torque Pro along with a Bluetooth OBDII reader from Amazon. Total cost under $20. Check out Torque Pro on Google play. I can't recommend this combination highly enough.
  10. A few years ago I wanted some chips in the gel coat of my Boston Whaler repaired. No one wanted the job. So I contacted the dealer I bought it from and they recommended The BodyWorks in Baxer,MN, saying they were the only place they took their Whalers for repair. The repairs were so good I couldn't tell where the work had been done, it all looked factory new. They do everything and anything. They're part of the Mills Auto group. I'm sure they could do a top flight job for you, but probably not at the lowest cost so get an estimate.
  11. Not only will the new Ford F-150 not rust, it will be very difficult to dent. I recently visited my local Ford dealer and they had a sample of the aluminum that will be used in the new F-150. Here are couple photos, that's a quarter in the photo for comparison. Now the bad news. Supplies of the new F-150 will be extremely limited for the next six months. My local Ford dealer is medium sized and they will be getting only 4 new F-150's this month and they won't receive another shipment until next April. If you want one, better put down a deposit on one now.
  12. I don't have one but I've toyed around with the idea of getting one. My research so far says they have great low end torque but only expect a top speed around 80mpg. Mileage is good, no 2 stroke fumes and no injection oil to buy and they run quiet - real quiet out on the trail. They're aimed squarely at a guy like me who has been out of snowmobiling for years and looking for a different snowmobiling experience than what I had in my younger days, namely more a leisurely and quiet cruising and trail experience. So if anyone else has any actual experience with the engine and could chime in that would be great.
  13. walt501

    ATV repair

    Lightning Motorsports, just west of downtown Aitkin on 210? [NOTE FROM ADMIN: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank You]
  14. walt501


    I put Maxxis Bighorn Radials on my ATV 2300 miles ago and they show no wear, they look the same as the day they were installed. They are a great gravel, rock and snow tire, just don't get them near a mud hole. From what I have read, for snow riding you want to stay away from the dedicated mud tires, as they are designed to dig down to find solid ground. So in snow they'll dig right through the snow pack rather than riding on top of the snow. Here are a couple site where you can read some ATV tire reviews - Click Here [NOTE FROM ADMIN: Your post has been edited. Please read form policy before posting again. Thank You]
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