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  1. 20lbSloughShark

    How big Tiller w/out tilt and 1992 40HP Yamaha ok?

    Make sure it has electric start. I have no problem at all with my '84 40hp johnson, but I'm strong. Someone just a little older than you tore a muscle one time trying to start my motor. Most people can't even get it to crank over twice in one pull. As for tilt, mine has a cylinder to assist. It is very easy to tilt.
  2. 20lbSloughShark

    Mille Lacs Pike...Not Surprising

    I'm afraid when Mille Lacs is the only lake in hundreds of miles with liberalized regulations like that, especially the extended season, it is going to get hit hard.
  3. Another heads up is to make sure it actually is in your name. A few years ago when I got my boat I got trailer tags for it, and had the boat put in my name at the same time. The tags were still good on the boat. This was in Buffalo, MN, which has a name for being horrible. After the second time I went in there, I was told everything was in my name. When it came time to get boat tags, I was turned down because it was still in the previous owners name. Boy was it a job tracking that guy down again.
  4. 20lbSloughShark

    Honda lite not running right

    4 strokes react to temperatures just like 2 strokes. The warmer it is, the less gas your engine needs. Your carb was simply set too rich for the very warm temps.
  5. 20lbSloughShark

    how long do people fish

    Most people hope for about 80 years.
  6. 20lbSloughShark

    Mille Lacs Pike...Not Surprising

    I hate that saying. Mille lacs is "my other lake." I guess its time to start exploring leech lake. I mean seriously, the people who come up with the regs for mille lacs are so dense, the lake would honestly be better off with no regs at all.
  7. 20lbSloughShark

    Open water pike

    One thing I've tried before was a three way rig. I had a couple of ounces of weight on one end, the lure about 10' back on the other, and then tied my line to it. I never did get anything on that rig, but I have got plenty of pike out deep with lures that only dive 12' or so. I know guys who go really deep for lake trout with down riggers will sometimes get really big pike.
  8. 20lbSloughShark

    Crappie-Killing Pike

    I believe its possible. I've seen an 8 pound pike try and eat a 3 pound bass, and it would have succeeded had I not had the bass on the end of my line. I would have to say whatever lake it was on, the lake must have a very poor population of crappie. Most of the pike I have cut open have had perch. It must be a regional thing. Where I fish, the lakes are stuffed with tiny perch, so it would only be logical for pike to eat them.
  9. 20lbSloughShark

    New statewide Pike Regs

    Lol, I think I've used all those words and half the meat I eat I harvested myself. I absolutely love rabbit. Then again, PETA doesn't want to protect animals, they would rather "humanely" put down every domestic animal. PETA is about as bad morally as the KKK.
  10. 20lbSloughShark

    New statewide Pike Regs

    I just requested the book through my college. It should be here monday. I think the general consensus on this board is that splitting the state into 3 sections like was proposed is a bad idea. What I am interested in is the regs that are currently on Mille Lacs. I would be willing to bet the size of pike will improve on the lake, as well as other species. I'd love to see more lakes with less restrictive regs other than protecting the larger fish. The one over 30" is a great way to go, and promotes harvest of the abundant small fish.
  11. 20lbSloughShark

    Best tip up bait

    Buy a dozen large suckers, put them in a bag, and throw them in the freezer. That's the only dead bait I use any more. I loved frozen smelt, but they aren't legal in MN any more, and I have no idea where you could buy some. You can only get the preserved ones.
  12. 20lbSloughShark

    New statewide Pike Regs

    I agree that some people have way too high of expectations. The thing I don't agree with is that every lake in MN produces trophy fish. This is simply not true. In central MN I don't know of a single person that regularly gets trophy pike. I'm talking 40" plus. Sure they happen, but nobody except maybe the guides that go out every day get even one a year. One a decade is more like it. A 30" pike is a big pike in central MN. Go to a place like LOTW, rainy, upper red lake, or any other real trophy lakes and you can easily get multiple 40" pike a week. Central MN has had a good pike population in the past, and it has been so over fished all that is left is lakes full of hammer handles. Its fine to disagree on the solution, but I don't understand how anyone could ignore the problem.
  13. 20lbSloughShark

    Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    I used to have a few of those de-liar spring scales, and they are not accurate at all. The one that went up to 10 pounds was close, but the one that went to 25 was off by multiple pounds, go figure. I don't even worry about weight anymore, and just measure length. Chunky 36" means more to me than a 15 pound pike.
  14. 20lbSloughShark

    Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    Yes, great fish. A thin 36" can be around 8 pounds, a thick one is probably closer to 15.
  15. 20lbSloughShark

    Aerator Wall and Car Charger Question

    I just bought the same aerator that David posted a link to. It will be here tomorrow. I am thinking it will be the ticket for me. Later in the year like this I like to bring my small skid house as its my most portable shelter. I am wiring it up to use cigarette plug ins to run the phone, aerator, or anything else. Its already wired for lights and fans for a deep cell 12V. You can also get cigarette female ends with clips on them to clip right to a battery. That way in a portable you can run lights, aerator, or anything else off one battery.