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  1. Maybe those kind of vets move to SD so that they do not have to see so many of those lil purse dogs. You found a good one there! He/She should be commended. Heading to Mitchell in a few days. . .
  2. It can be GREAT fun hunting now! I have been digging around for those snowshoes that I had around here a few years ago. . . They are great for getting around the cats while the dog works away. Enjoy the final days!
  3. Ah. Poor dogs and the icicle-berries. It doesn't seem to bother my dog so much and gives him another reason to 'groom' himself as we drive to the next spot or after completed the hunt. We have hunted our dogs for years in below freezing weather. We take breaks to make certain that they are watered and warm. No problems. Hunt on! You can definitely tell the difference between vets who disdain hunting and those who at least show a little respect for hunters and their dogs. On a recent SD trip, one buddie's dog got into barbed wire within 20 minutes of our first walk! We cleaned it, bandaged it and hunted on. The owner was nervous when we returned, so he phoned the vet. The first one he got was adamant about getting shots and stopping the hunt. The vet that he went to did not bother with staples or stitches because then the dog would not be able to hunt anymore. He admired our bandaging job and sent him on his way ~ no charge.
  4. Ron M

    so what did santa leave for you?

    Yup. Christmas was too good to me ~ family & gifts ~ but I got THAT message too, to enjoy some in-law time. Was dreading that. SIL had made up a 5# tenderloin! I struggled through, but did my best to help out ~ it was for family afterall! Yum! Got the new Batman movie! Kitchen pass to SD next week! Rooster! Best Deal ~ wife LOVED the stuff that I got her. (Maybe that's why the K.P.) Second Best Deals ~ Daughters loved the gifts old dad got 'em too. Enjoy the season. Happy New Year All!
  5. Ron M

    In The Spirit of Christmas

    Terrific Michael! A nice Christmas jewel! Thanks for your work with GEM! Dave L is a buddy of mine too. Merry Christmas
  6. Ron M

    What I got for X-Mas

    I hear that Woody. The first gun that I purchased was a Winchester 12 ga pump. It was for HER birthday. She does not hunt. I bought her a springer for Valentines day. Best pheasant & duck dog I have had so far. She received an FL8 several years ago for Christmas when we a took a trip to URL with another family. She had fun with that. Of course, she still got stuff that she likes for each of those occasions. I keep bringing home something for the frying pan every now and then too. 'Merry Chrismas hon!' I sez; 'Here is some new snow camo!' She said; "XXL huh?'
  7. Ron M

    My new best friend, and a bogus adventure

    Hurray Beer!
  8. Ron M

    Merry Christmas

    Thanks Buddy! Merry Christmas Everyone! A few more days waiting for the big buck, then onto the SD tundra, THEN onto hardwater. Life is good!
  9. Ron M

    Springer size

    Nice lookin' pup Outdoorsman! I gotta find that dog!
  10. Ron M

    Scotts Lawn care VS. TruGreen

    Plant hosta. Spread mulch. Go fishing. Seriously, you can't kill that hosta!
  11. Ron M

    2007 license good till April 30th

    Oh well, I wish I got as much enjoyment out of every $40 dollars I spent as much as the enjoyment I get from my hunting and fishing privileges purchased each year.
  12. Ron M

    Fish Tale

    You folks need a book on your shelf ~ The Miracle at Stinky Bay ~ by Bob Stromberg (Triple Expresso fame). Talk about a good catch!
  13. Ron M

    Catching more fish more often

    Good stuff CK. If I cannot get to the ice, at least I can count on picking up a couple of tips here. Thanks. Gives me a chance to watch the hard ice in St. Paul for a little while too. C'mon Wild!
  14. Ron M

    GEM kids march 8th ice outing!

    Great job guys! Fantastic to see those kids getting out on the hardwater and having success. More like 'Great Results' than Great Expectations!