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  1. I would suggest dropping your boat into Belle Taine if you're gonna be near Park Rapids. Its literally right next door to Long.
  2. I was a Terminator man for a very long time. I had years of great success with them. Then, they stopped making the heavier models that I had the most luck with. I have since switched to the KVD line, from Strike King. They are incredibly well made and I have had very good luck with them. Spendy...but I think they're worth it.
  3. Anyone caught purposely planting a Cottonwood (near water or otherwise) should be slugged in the junk!
  4. This weekend is free/open fishing for anyone who would like to fish in N.D., regardless of age. I know some States do a 'take a kid fishing' weekend, where no license is needed to take a child out to fish. This is a very cool promotion by North Dakota. All other rules and regs still apply.
  5. Looking forward to some 'accidental' buckets, while 'crappie fishing', as soon as weather allows. It's ludicrous to have a closed bass season...especially with the limited good weather months up here.
  6. Bagman101

    spoolin up

    About 75% of my rigs are spooled with 6/20 braid. I also have a few spooled with 10lb Iron Silk. None of the water I fish is pressured enough to justify the need for flouro, imo.
  7. Whew. Now I'll only have to use the term 'accidental buckets', during crappie season!
  8. Hunted east of the river and was pretty shocked at how many birds we saw. Lots of shot opportunities. Stay close to the ND/SD border and you should find plenty.
  9. Pure paranoia. I'll be out 'trying' for Crappie on Saturday. I sure 'hope' I don't catch any buckets...'accidentally'.
  10. I always have an anchor on board. We usually only use it very early in the year, when we sit in a small bay and fan cast into the emerging pads. After that, it pretty much collects dust. Still good to have on board.
  11. You will enjoy owning that Fenwick. I have been fishing them for years. Had an old Eagle GT that was my 'go to' stick for half a decade. I know I boated well over 1000 fish with that thing. Then one day I got careless and did not notice that I had a line wrap and snapped about 6-8 inches off. Crushing...but totally my fault. I now have 2 HMX's and one of the Elite Tech Smallmouth rods. The Elite Tech is my new favorite. Great rods.
  12. Just under 22". Taken on the 7" Stik-O.
  13. Wacky fishing Senko style worms became my favorite largemouth tactic about 3 years ago. I use both types of line and prefer the 6/20 braid (primarily for durability). Honestly, never had a problem with either. If you are using anything other than a circle hook for wacky rigging, you are making a large mistake. They require no hookset (just reel when you see your line begin to move) and they will NEVER be gut hooked.
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