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  1. With river levels finally receeding in the portion of the mn river I normally fish and the trajectory to be back to levels I am comfortable with, I am thinking of heading back to the mn river valley to try for flatheads again. With all this crappy flooding my catfish itch has not been scratched. With cool temps and lots of rain water are the river temps still below desirable spawn temps? I see a few ppl are still managing to catch fish, just wondering if we are likely in spawn or if some of that pre spawn feeding could still be going on. with fish having to move back into main channels with falling water levels I am hoping there is a chance to get a few good fights in before they shut down. Any info, ideas, thoughts, tell tale signs to look for...anything like that would be useful. Thanks!
  2. what do you mean by secondary current seams? where secondary streams come in? or something else? Thanks!
  3. I have had a trip planned for quite some time for this thursday through monday. Are either of these rivers going to be fishable given the conditions at this point. I have been on them in high water, but this is getting a little ridiculous. is the mississippi perhaps a better option when the mn is flooding so high? any advice or info would be great...dont want to and cant really change the dates of the trip...can a person even fish?
  4. Thanks guys. I got some ordered of the Blakemore, but was able to get by with some from the hardware store that were just heavy duty spring clamps for like wood working... very effective...
  5. Anyone know where I can get some of these near new Ulm? Thanks!
  6. I get to fish tomorrow and Saturday! How bad is the river? I know its high most everywhere but is it manageable? Looks like a really good bite has been going. Going to try the mn in my old usuals and hope for luck!
  7. Thanks all for the info and insight! I am looking forward to getting on the water! I see she is up pretty high with the rains, but some of my best luck has been in high water, so I guess we will see how it goes. I will make updates with my luck once we get out there. I always fish near Morton, have never tried further down river. I know ppl do well in that area as well, but I am more familiar with upstream. I may be going June 13 wknd as well as june 20 wknd now, so two trips in the future has me excited!
  8. I have fished the MN river now quite a bit for Flats, and when I first started was having pretty good success, not only on numbers of fish but acutally pretty big fish. That being said in more recent years, those same areas that I used to fish, my favorite spots, seams etc dont seem to be producing fish, I try new spots in this same 15 mile stretch of river, and it doesnt seem to be panning out like it used to. Any thoughts? I only catch and release and am as gentle as possible, so it cant be my limited pressure. Now I see more trend on here anyways, for guys fishing the Mississippi P2 and some really nice fish. Is it simply better over there? Or just more pressure? How does that area compare to the mn river by Morton? I am for the first time considering fishing the Miss, never have for flats. I dont have a very big boat 15 ft with 25 hp. is that suitable for P2 flat fishing? Any tips, thoughts or ideas would be good to hear! I dont need locations, or mile markers, just general info please and thanks!
  9. would you say that the majority of fish were taken on frogs or did you mix in cut bait like goldeye a bunch as well? I used to live in the fargo area and fished the red all the time and had some very good august outings on cutbait, sometimes out performing frogs. As a general rule tho the frogs are more of a sure thing. Simply curious for reference sake and will be fishing the fm area this weekend and the following while spending some time back home.
  10. I have been at it for 4 years of flathead fishing now. As someone who targeted the species solely based on information gleaned off this site, I found it enjoyable to go from shore or boat and just keep trying. If I get skunked I dont feel led astray by a guide. I just try again. The success once you find it is worth the slow nights! I am getting on fish fairly regularly when I try and that means you guys on here deserve a big THANKS for the info you share.
  11. A few fish from my most recent trip down to the minnesota. Finaly got my fiance on some fish!
  12. Sooo....I was looking and thinking and curious what people think. The minnesota river, Mississippe, and St. Croix rivers of MN have flats in them. The James and the Missouri in SD and the Fox and some others in WI. Are there others that I havent named that people know they are in. Has anyone fished any of these outside of MN and of the ones in MN what do people feel are the better river for flats. How far up the MN do flatheads go? Do most people fish the MN between the mississipi and new ulm, or do people find good success further up the river near redwood falls? Just curious what people think or have tried. A friend has been after them near Madison WI, and my fiance has heard some info around Vermillion SD on the James, state record from near there is like 67 lbs and fairly recent. I am addicted to these fish and am looking at ways to spend time after them and new places and ideas to try.
  13. Thanks fellas. I have been using 60lb powerpro line and my abu garcia 6500c baitcast reels. The set up has been working well but am always curious what others like to run with and why. I may be getting a spin cast set up heavy enough for paddlefish, so I may get a bait clicking reel for that just to toy around with it.
  14. out of curiousity...do most of you prefer bait clicking spinning reels or baitcasters. I have been using my baitcasters abu garcia 6500c reels with good success, but i do like fishing with spin rigs for other species. which way do most guys go? what kind of line are you running on your spin rigs if you use them?
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