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  1. Rich and Tracy with a few of their Salmon from their AM trip. wish the battery in their GoPro lasted more than 1.5 hours...missed alot of good bites.
  2. The boys from "Team Adirondack" finally sent some footage from their Salmon trip in August, 2012. They caught some huge Kings
  3. Finally got the Salmon video from the guys at Team Adirondack, Wow, forgot how big a couple of those fish were.
  4. Hey, I just posted another video under "Open Water". This ones salmon and hot chicks...
  5. Well, did not think the brown trout fishing could get much better than last year, boy, was I wrong... The browns were just as good but mix in lots and lots of salmon. Not just the small cohos, I mean 8-25 lb kings. It's tough enough catching kings on 20-30 lb test, try 10 lb test all day long. What a blast. Thanks Capt. Dave
  6. Check out this great video from last year, we thought last years fishing was great.. This years salmon fishing was Crazy! Tons and tons of fish, and lots of very happy people
  7. Check out this video, lots of Browns and some Huge ones.. [video:youtube]http://youtu.be/w_wZJLyk8Rw Thanks Capt. Dave These are "The Good Ole Days"
  8. This is New York fishing at it's Finest...(Lake Ontario). This video is 2 years old, last year The fishing was even better, way better!!!
  9. Well, 3 more weeks and we start trolling for these beauties again. By the way, I do plan on drifting and and casting for them this year. Sure will save on gas.. Thaks Capt. Dave
  10. This is a very funny video of my clients 1st Salmon ever. Notice: The language is a little Salty! These are "The Good Ole Days" Capt. Dave ReelSilver Charters
  11. Here's an end all for the spuirrels. I use it only when they get in my garage or roof. I use a Rat trap, hot glue either peanuts or whole corn to the trigger and around the trigger. To keep the dogs out, I put a milk crate over it. Lady next door had a red in her rafters and making lots of noise and damage. Her hubby put the trap up and the next day, "mission accomplish". She never found out about the trap... Capt. Dave
  12. Check out this short video, I was shocked to say the least when we landed it. Capt. Dave
  13. You gotta see this video, these little girls are awsome and tons of fish landed. Let me know what you think...Hope you get a kick out of it.. Capt. Dave
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