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  1. This is a lot of really bad advice and the problem is that the meat has not been aged. Beef is similarly tough and chewy if not aged. If you don't believe me take a package of backstraps and leave them thawed in the fridge for a minimum of 7 days and up to 14. Cook them up to a max internal temp of 150 and you will see the difference.
  2. So 25 or 30 years ago I remember them being sticklers on extra gas and we would have to pay duty on whatever they considered to be to be "extra". To the best of my recollection that quit happening maybe 20 years ago. These days we cross mainly at Baudette both summer and winter and are averaging between 3 and 8 5-6 gallon gas cans per trip and myself or any of my friends have never paid gas duty in the past 20 years.
  3. Fished Wednesday through Saturday last week in the frigid cold. Didn't hole hop like we usually do on account of the cold but the sit and wait tactic did just fine for both walleye and crappie. The walleye bite kept flip flopping from on fire to completely dead depending on the time, day and location. Best walleye bite was in 18-20' (to the top of the ice) on Kranz jigs with quite a few over 20". Crappie size ran real nice with no keepers under 12" and the biggest being 14.75". Biggest walleye was 27.5" and also had a 48" musky. Great trip with great guys and pretty much had the whole lake all to ourselves. Oh and it was so cold that one of the guys had his boot crack completely in half.
  4. Idk but we could just ask him. Robert, where are you catching your crappies? I'm guessing either Hay island, Cyclone point, Miles bay, Sand bay or some super secret hot spot nobody else knows about. Probably need to go stay at Vic and Dots to find out for sure.
  5. We never ever ever ever use live bait and catch just as many or more fish as anyone else out of Morson. Frozen shiners are our go to bait in fact my blood pressure goes up just thinking about what happens when we hook those up and send then down to Davey Jones locker. If you are not getting bit you need to move. Yes you can bring them across the border and they are readily available in Blackduck, Kelliher and Baudette on the way up. Also salted fatheads are cheaper and at times can be just as effective. Nothing wrong with live bait per se but it's triple the cost, triple the hassle to procure and triple the hassle to haul across the lake. So 3x3x3=27. That makes live bait 27 times more of a pain in the butt to use in the winter for what I consider to be a downgrade in catch rate. And frozen/salted minnows or plastics will catch every single available specie you can think of.
  6. Although it's tough to compete with diving giraffes, here is one of my all time favorites!
  7. Uhhhhh... I for one am at a complete loss for words.
  8. Ikr every time he posts I scratch my head and wonder why does he have to be like that? And then I hope I don't come off sounding like he does. I do like to mix it up a little just for fun but also try to be helpful as well. Do you ever fish Lake Michigan? If our Lake Michigan results get any more inconsistent I am considering switching to IR as my go to big lake trolling spot. The only problem is that I don't like crossing in a 20' aluminum hull in 4-5' waves so it may be time to upgrade but we'll see if that ever happens.
  9. Duder that is pretty sweet you should post that on gla unless of course you don't want people to know how good the fishing really is at IR. The big question is "did you bleed your trout?" or was it too much hassle, lol
  10. At that rate of Canadian priced minnow consumption you could finance another trip by switching to plastics! J/k.....sort of
  11. Depends where you are staying but I prefer to stay away from the crowds at Sturgeon Bay and the bank reef. A lot less traffic in Baileys Harbor and Silver Strike is probably the best imo. Look them up on facebook and if they are catching salmon or rainbows they will be posting pics. The bite hasn't started yet so don't expect pics right now but you can look back at last years. Also give Lynns a try if you can't get on with Silver Strike.
  12. Mad Mulcher

    Ez Ducer?

    So was I. When I say "my equipment" won't be freezing up when I am hole hopping with the aid of my toasty warm Otter cottage, part of my equipment that won't be freezing up would be the ez ducer...
  13. The bite was on last week. With 4 guys we caught over 700 fish in 3.5 days. And I don't care if anyone believes me or not. Actually 700 is probably a conservative estimate because we had to have averaged at least 50 fish per person per day and it was probably much more than that. Yes some of them were 10" saugers but there were many 16 to 20"+ walleye and the crappie size was the nicest I've seen in 4 years with no keepers under 12" and several 13-14" with 2 at 15.25". All of the pavement pounding and scouting this winter and last week really paid off on this trip! This is the most hardcore group of guys I fish with and they really know how to put the smackdown on these fish.
  14. Mad Mulcher

    Ez Ducer?

    Here is how the math works out on the 100 holes per day. First off, not every hole gets fished. Secondly, I am not just drilling holes for myself. When I am with my kids or an older person or fishing partners who don't understand where the holes need to located on a particular area I might drill all the holes for 4 people to hole hop. Thirdly, ice thickness plays a roll. I will drill many more holes in a day on 16" of ice than 30". I know this may be hard for some to understand but some people really truly actually will drill 100 holes in a day. I am a very crafty ice fisherman who has adapted to extreme cold weather by using a portable "flip over" shelter and propane heater to keep myself warm and my equipment from icing up. Yes, even when hole hopping. That's why they call it a portable. Haha.
  15. Mad Mulcher

    Ez Ducer?

    Sign me up for one of these! I prefer to think of myself as more practical than lazy. Even if its a slow day and you only catch 100 fish that dang cord is constantly getting the line wrapped around it and it drives me nuts. The other thing that drives me nuts is dealing with all the extra dangling cord when hole hopping or packing to move from 1 area to the next. Especially on 30" of ice all that extra cord has a mind of its own. It's not practical to drill 2 holes for every hole you fish when the ice is thick and you are already drilling 100+ holes in a day. Call me lazy if you want but this looks like a great solution for those of us who move around constantly and catch a lot of fish.
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