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  1. Pherris

    Why Mallards???

    I like to eat Teal and Woddies rather then Mallards. I also like northern pike over walleye. Go figure.
  2. Pherris

    Aluminum vs Glass

    Well I do not know the resale value of boats Currently i can tell you from experience of owning both a Lund aluminum and Ranger glass boats that my rangers have held much better resale value then my Lund did. My Rangers have all been bass boats and my Lund was a walleye boat. The one big con to a bass boat it it is difficult to fish walleye out of and you are far more limited to the number of passengers you can have. For the most part you are limited to two. A glass bass boat will have far more storage then a walleye boat though. The ride in a glass boat is far more comfortable running in rough water and easier to handle in my opinion. I currently run a Ranger Z521 but next boat will be a Ranger but I will move to the 620 series so I can fish multi species and take my grand children fishing more then 1-2 at a time and fish walleye more efficiently. I would reccomend riding in both prior to purchase. The first time I rode in a bass boat I was a little uncomfortable sitting that low in the water but got used to it very quickly. Regarding Bass anglers in MN there are actually more registerd bass boats per capita then any other state in the country and the number one Ranger dealer in the country is in MN. Good luck with your decision.
  3. Pherris

    Fireworks & dogs

    I ruined my first lab by shooting off fireworks prior to any exposure to guns. Ended up with a really nice pet for 13 years but she would never hunt. My current lab was professionally trained and is not bothered at all by them.
  4. Pherris

    Barney is at rest

    Sorry for your loss!
  5. Pherris

    Minnetonka water temp

    It really depends on where you are and time of day. I fished Tonka today. Got on the water at 5:00 am at grays bay. Water temp was 56 got off about 1:30. Water temp was 62 in grays. Warmest water I found was in a bay about 11;00 am and it was 65. Caught lots of fish but the warmer water was the most productive. Every fish we caught was pre spawn. I found that interesting because last Friday on Bush everything was post spawn. I was most surprised by the lack of weeds on Tonka. Either the water treatments have affected them in my opinion or it's just behind because of the size of the lake. I don't fish the Minnetonka Classic anymore but I suspect it's going to take a mighty bag to win. On a side note if I were a betting man, my money would be on Lee and Bird for the Classic. These are the conditions they do well in. Good Fishing!
  6. Pherris

    Motor support for bass boat

    I have been using the M-Y wedge for years and highly recommend it. I also have a 250 proxs. If you go that route be sure to also get the centering clips to keep the motor straight while traveling. I like that it only takes a couple seconds to put in place and hit the road when you get off the water. Good Fishing!
  7. Met with Dr. Today and he said that everything looked good and saw no reason why I couldn't make the trip. Things are healing nicely and I am pain free for the part so I will be fishing on the opener Thanks again for all the replies!
  8. Pherris

    Meat Sales

    Lunds has T-Bones and Porter House for $6.99 lb good through May 6th.
  9. Thanks for the info Del. We will be staying at Muskego Point so Cook would be close by. Hopefully this is one of those bits of info that is good to know but never need.
  10. Thanks guys. I agree with everything posted. I will only be going if the Dr. gives me the green light for traveling even if he says no fishing. I go to vermillion every year so I suppose the nearest good medical facility would be in Virginia. I appropriate the replies!
  11. Thanks for the replies. I have a follow up on Friday so I will discuss it further with my Dr. Either way I will most likely join my buddies on the trip. Good Fishing!
  12. Hi I was wondering if anybody has had one of these implanted? I just had one put in on Thursday and wondering how long I should expect to wait before getting back on the water? The Dr. said that probably 3 weeks at a minimum and depending on how I fell maybe longer. Currently I am far to sore to even consider trying to fish but I'm hoping that will pass sooner than 3 weeks and would like to make the opener. Any have any personal experience with this? All replies appreciated. Good fishing!
  13. Pherris

    Central MN Retriever Club Informal Trials

    Thanks Todd. This is an informal event if I understand correctly? I have never run my dog in any trials but would like to give it a try just don't want to upset the apple cart. She is a well trained and obedient hunting dog and I would like to give it a go if it is an appropriate venue. Your input is appreciated.
  14. Pherris

    Central MN Retriever Club Informal Trials

    What time does it end on average?
  15. Pherris

    Labeling reels with line weight?

    It is very rare that I will switch a reel to a different rod so I "mark" the rod by wrapping a small peice of colored Duct tape at the base of the rod just above the rod handle. Each color tape represents the line weight/type on the reel that is spooled on that combo. Red = 4lb Blue = 6 green= 8 etc.... This method has also makes it easy for me to indentify my rods from others that may be fishing in my boat with similar combos.