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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Masterbuilt-20070112-Smoking-Digital-Smokers/dp/B008DF6WWE Masterbuilt does make an attachment for cold smoking and longer smokes. Works great. I believe 4 hrs of smoke in one hopper fill.
  2. Beef short ribs!! Best thing I have made in my Master but not far from other things like a chuck roll, baked beans from the drippings of the short ribbs or chuck roll or Mac and Cheese. Have a great time!
  3. waker

    Looking for Walleye’s on the St. Croix

    Oh! Dead stick with a fat head the other whole assortment of jigging raps, start with chrome and blue jigging rap.
  4. waker


    Look into the cupboard and create. Mac-n-cheese on the grill, ofcourse can be done in the oven, tonight for me. Just pondering on what I want to add to it and that is what the pantry has to offer. Stuck in Minnetonka and heck if I'm going out in this weather, the traffic out here is a nightmare on a good day.
  5. waker

    Looking for Walleye’s on the St. Croix

    In general, fishing the breaks starting at 32ft then shallower is a good start. You may find a fish here and there durring the day but I find the bite is at its best just before the sun hits the horizon and an hour before and after. These fish along with crappies will swim up and down these breaks at this time of evening to feed. Good luck, its timing durring the year to get a good bite and its different every year. The Croix just does not like to give up those toothy critters in the winter on a consistent manor.
  6. waker

    Green Lake by Spicer.

    Hmmmm? Trolling got a sniff . A new presentation maybe be in order or maybe its the barometer out of wack.
  7. waker

    Green Lake by Spicer.

    I agree with you smurfy just added a bit snarkyness. Where is that button for snarky and what side the snarky falls on?
  8. waker

    Green Lake by Spicer.

    Well Green lake is listed as an infestid water and the river is also listed as infested so whats the problem?
  9. waker

    Gander Outdoors in Lakeville

    What would be a good name? Not trying to be sarcastic but my adventures with camping world were no better than ganders. I do agree with give them a chance. If I'm with in sight of the store I will check them out.
  10. waker

    Best Chili on Earth

    From chilli concarde "In large pot saute onions, all peppers, and garlic in small amount of oil until tender. Add beef and pork. Stir around until cooked. Add flour to meat juices and mix well. Add 3 ounces chili powder, cayenne pepper, and liquid smoke and stir together." I feel if you brown the meat then add spices to the meat and cook spices to bloom one gets a better meld of flavors otherwise you get the raw flavors of the spices. I then saute the vegtables seperate then add meat back in with the vedgies then the rest. Good trick to know when chilli is ready to simmer add raw diced onion and peppers when peppers and onions are tender chilli is done. No kiddeney beans, Joan of ark pinto chilli beans and 4 sereno peppers and one green pepper and lots of onions. Use caned whole tomatoes for a fresher brighter taste. 3/4 can hunts tomatoe sauce. The sauce and spices should be more than enough to thicken chilli without the use of flower. A bit of vinagure based hot sauce like tobasco sauce will give a nice tange.
  11. waker

    Trichoderma fungi to fight of blight.

    Del, I didn't even think of it other than you asking questions. With the scams out there its easy to have one's gaurd up and that's a must these days. As for the long post I find this interesting how this fungi opperates and the many uses it has. Those faded bleach jeans that were a fad back in the 80's not bleach, a bat of Trichoderma with other stuff ofcourse. My freind was just telling me about a drug containing Trichoderma for a form of cancer. Looks like Purple and Bobby are in need of a snugel time. Just giving ya hard time guys.
  12. waker

    Trichoderma fungi to fight of blight.

    Del, ligit questions. I'm just starting the research on this. One article I read mentioned you can buy a granulate at a good nursery. I have not called a nursery to substantiate the claim. As far as studies there are many out there to choose from. The snippet was from a study done in Vietnam. as for strains: R. solani strain 618 (AG 4), and five T. harzianum Purple, Trichoderma is naturaly occurring in all soils, its also used commercially in the agg field for starting seed cultures. Its actually one of the most previlant fungi out there. No, my freind did not use green mould to fight green mould he stumbled acrross these studies looking for remedy to combat the Trichoderma fungi. His conclusion was keeping the surroundings extremely sterile and using a heppa filter to clean the air of other fungi in the sterile enviroment. I guess in the mushroom buisiness Trichnoderma is a problem .
  13. waker

    Trichoderma fungi to fight of blight.

    A snippet of what I found as research. Experiments conducted on several crops such as: peanut, tomato, cucumber and durian indicate that selected Trichoderma strains could reduce significant diseases caused by fungal pathogens including: Phytophthora palmivora, Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium spp., Sclerotium rolfsii and Pythium spp. The efficacy of Trichoderma species on soil borne fungal disease is higher than fungicides and maintain longer. The value obtained through development, exploitation and use of Trichoderma products are not only plant disease control but also gave the local people opportunities to reduce health risks, costs and environmental damage due to over fungicide usages. Moreover, crop treated with Trichoderma grown better and had higher yields to compare with the one without application .A snippet of what I found as for the benifits.
  14. Anybody have experiance with adding Trichoderma fungi (green mould)to the soil to control unwanted fungi and pest? I'm new to this idea but from the little reasearch I'v done it looks promising. I guess the fungi helps break down soil, like compost and bark, into digestible nutrients for the plant to absorb. It will also attack other fungi and insects. A freind of mine was having a hard time growing mushrooms because of green mould taking over. After doing research on how to eliminate the green mold he stumbled across the benifits of Trichoderma in the garden. Trichoderma is naturaly occurring in soil but it can be depleeted from drought, to much water or. Soil compaction. Any thoughts?
  15. waker

    Meat Sales

    Woodbury Cub had them marked at $.36/lb but at checkout $.25/lb Must wanted them moved fast, $7.50 for 30 pounds I Cant go wrong