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  1. innate123

    Dresbach Revisited

    heya.. i havent been out there...just too busy...we fished trempealeau this a.m....was cold and really slow...just some small ones.. saw one old guy catching some nice saugers...but slow for him as well...couldn't tell what he was using...but it wasn't a rap... tim
  2. innate123

    Dresbach Revisited

    hey.. sounds good let me know..i'm in balmy california...but i still had to check out the forum... i'll be back home..to the cold sunday...we were at dresbach last weekend..and it was slow... i even met frozen toes...was nice to puta face to a name...altho..we are both unsitely..lol tim
  3. innate123

    Dresbach Revisited

    heya.. ya that is why i'm hoping to get out at dresbach...i'd much rather get skunked there fishing eyes and saugers then put in all the work for a small amount and small size panfish....i'll be checking dresbach out later this week hopefully... tim
  4. Hey gents/gals: I'll be out of town AGAIN...so no fishing this weekend...but if someone could let me know if we got any ice up at the dam it would be great...i'm Xing my fingers with the cold weather..but havent heard much about dresbach lately... frozentoes...did you fall in? where are all of your local reports..hehe.. tim
  5. innate123


    heya.. thx..i've only fished by the dam...but i'm sure itching to do some jiggin...i'll have to cruise by there some time.. thx again for the info tim
  6. innate123


    bodyman.. which is the south landing..i was at lawrence yest and didnt see anyone out there at dresbach...i was trying to look up by the dam from I90...thx tim
  7. innate123


    howdy's.. dang..i was hoping for better news than that with this cold snap...supposed to be cold next week too..so maybe then... thx for the replies... tim
  8. howdy... if anyone hears of people getting out at dresbach please post..i'm itching to fish saugers and eyes thru the ice thx tim
  9. innate123

    Ventilation for Glacier 3 man

    howdy.. i'll post this on equipment forum as well. i don't like alot of heat in a shelter but will be using a lil' propane heater in this shelter. i didnt see much ventilation in this shelter.. how much do i need to ventilate as i've never used a heater in a shelther before... thx tim
  10. innate123

    Jiffy lightning auger

    gilles: i have the stealth 8" 2hp...i have drilled approx 20 holes so far...had it one week...only going thru about 8" of ice so far.. it doesn't seem esp fast...but with 2 boys..it is a ton faster then my 4" hand auger..lol... usually starts in 4 pulls or less...doesn't seem to take much if any time to warm up...i put a lil' capful of seafoam in the first tank as some people talked about dry carbs...but so far..thumbs up on it...doesn't seem very heavy to carry either...hope this helps tim
  11. innate123

    Is it just me?

    FT! I don't want to hear anything about how you aren't catching fish...i'm banking all my future success on your expertise! ..hehe...you gonna be out at all new year's day? i'll either take my kids fishing or do some last minute bowhunting...i'm gonna try out that glacier 3 man i think...ordering it today.. Tim
  12. innate123

    Lake Onalaska

    howdy again.. i'll email you to touch base...it is my first muzzleloader hunt..and i'll be south of de moines...they've shot a few 150 class there this year...mostly with shotgun... the muzzleloader thing is tuff...i just have a red dot on this one...but ya...i'd like to have that deer within 75 yds or so... bummer on that miss...but heck...still nice to know that you have the opportunities... i'm originally from north of green bay...when i was in my teens..a spike was a trophy...lol...so the hunting around here is fabulous ...miss or not...i'll send a test email today...have a gr8 holiday.. tim
  13. innate123

    Lake Onalaska

    hey frozen.. thx for the reply...i'll be going on a iowa muzzleloader hunt...Xmas night thru next weekend...but will be back after that...i have tues and thurs mornings open..and then weekends if my boys don't have basketball..so i'll definitely touch base...3rd lake was brutal today...slow fishing and marginal size fish... how do i get your email?..i didnt see it here..mine is [email protected] thx again.. tim
  14. innate123

    Lake Onalaska

    frozen toes... i'd like to contact you sometime about lake onalaska...i'm not a serious iceman...but i have 2 boys 11 and 9...and would like to fish more then 3rd lake in trempeleau... never fished onalaska...but seems like there is a ton of places to go on it..so i seem to avoid it..lol... also..what are the basic jigs to by for this area...seems like there are zillions to choose from... also..any ice at dresbach for saugers yet? thx tim