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  1. We were up fishing from last Thursday afternoon through Saturday evening. Fishing was great, lots of nice walleyes with a couple of fat 28" fish as the biggest and plenty of saugers. Fish bit all day with our best bite coming each day from about 2-315. Fish were somewhat sluggish from 11-1230 and had to be coaxed into biting or didn't bite at all but after 1230 most everything we marked bit. We were set up in 23-24', color didn't seem to matter although we tend to use gold more than most other colors on our spoons and we basically had every color tied on our set lines and they bit them all. Th
  2. Thanks for all the reports over the summer! I enjoy ready your posts and seeing the pictures, makes me want to get up that way more often. Thanks again!
  3. This is great! Love taking kids fishing!
  4. Nice fish everyone and great looking trout! Kind of a late report here but we were up around Morson last Thursday through Saturday. Walleyes bit well, two of us fished for 13 hours Thursday and Friday combined, icing 133 fish. Many of the typical 11-15" sauger/walleye mix but a good amount of 16-20" fish too. Biggest was 25.5" iced but we had a case of big fish coming off as we lost four fish that were at least that big or bigger. We also iced three eelpout and four tullibees. Six of us made a run for crappies on Saturday which were a bit slower biting but due to mechanical issues we didn't ge
  5. I am heading up there Presidents weekend as well. Unsure where we will be fishing exactly, hoping for a wide range of areas as well as species but it all depends on the weather and travel on the lake. Lungdeflator.....as far as distance you have to travel to get to fish, as far as you want. I have had great fishing within a mile of the landing in Morson and we have also traveled 15 miles. You can be on reefs within a few miles and shoreline structure even closer than that. Good luck and report how it goes, I will do the same.
  6. Glad I didn't stop watching the game when I was going to, although I was going for the Falcons, great game to watch. End results for me was eating way to much as usual and still having a food hangover yesterday. I don't have much going on this weekend and I think that gumbo is going to be on the menu, man that looks good. Thanks all for the suggestions and conversations!
  7. Whoa, those brats sound really good! Thanks for the rest of the great ideas, all of them sound great, too many to pick from! Whoa, those brats sound really good! Thanks for the rest of the great ideas, all of them sound great, too many to pick from!
  8. I know someone normally starts a thread about what's being served at the big game so I don't mean to take that over. But, I am looking to make something new or unique to bring to the game day party Sunday. Other than the typical wings, meatballs, taco dip, and chips (not that there is anything wrong with these foods), anyone got any new/unique/crazy stuff out there a guy could make? Last year I experimented with fatties and they turned out great, might do a few of those too but looking for something else to go with it. The oven, grill, smoker, or crock pot are all in play here! Thanks in advan
  9. We were up over the weekend, fished Friday to Sunday night with 4 guys between two houses. REALLY good fishing, my house averaged 11 walleyes/saugers per hour and the other two guys averaged 13/hour, totaling just under 500 fish for the 2.5 days between the two houses. Minnows under bobbers worked best but fish were hitting spoons too. Gold spoons worked best, red/pink jig under the bobber was best. Found 15-17" of ice, decent amount of snow, sleds worked good. Snow was falling when we left Monday morning so not sure how much more was added since then. Good luck! We were up over the
  10. I use this recipe and it turns out great every time. Its gone off the plate before I know it, everyone loves it. I have used it with both moose and deer. I typically double the cure and rub so to make sure I have enough. The only change I make is that I cut the pepper amounts in half, if you don't like pepper that much cut it in like 1/3. I really like pepper and put it on almost everything but these amounts are just to much, especially if you have people who don't like pepper. Enjoy! Venison Pastrami Ingredients Cure: - ¼ cup Tender Quick - 2 Tbsp. brown sugar - 1 Tbsp. black pepper
  11. Yup, we had a whole home grown turkey we wanted to make at the cabin. They made us turn around at the border and toss it out on the US side. Pre-cooked poultry sounded it ok. Its just raw goods.
  12. Well out weekend had mixed results, here it goes. Our first ever crappie trip on Friday resulted in us bringing back 18 and releasing a few. All but 3 were between 11.5" and 14", the 14" was a beast. I think we would have caught more if we could have moved around as we caught more while moving but we were stuck in the fish houses for 2 hours while it poured rain on us. Walleye fishing was slow for us with the exception of the last hour of each day when the fish turned on. Lots of typical 11-14" saugers but did catch some 17" eyes with two that went 25". In the past we have been able to catch
  13. Looks like our time got bumped back a little, we will be heading out of Sartell about 630 tonight. We will have two black fords with snowmobile trailers! Safe travels and good luck, D&B
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