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  1. I would agree with the state's assessment that the deer herd is growing in my neck of the woods in central MN. Hopefully DNR doesn't fly off the handle now and go intensive for 10 years in a row like they did in the past. Thanks for the link PF. I hadn't seen this article.
  2. Dang! Hope you heal up. Sucks to be in pain when trying to enjoy the outdoors!
  3. I know it's not officially off season yet, but what are you doing this off season? LOL. Besides spending too much time in a hockey arena, I've already bought a "new to me" bow, an Elite GT500 to back up the Elite Synergy I bought last winter. Couldn't pass it up at $250. Can't wait to get it and put a few arrows through it. Other than that I will occasionally shoot out in the shed and hopelessly anticipate and dream about my IA hunt next fall (we already have our cabin reserved).
  4. I honestly just bungee my LW sticks to my LW Alpha and it works great. It's quick to attach and quiet to walk in.
  5. LOL! The truth of the matter is, CWD is widespread across the country and I believe in only one state, somewhere out west, has it caused population level decreases. The DNR has no choice but to try their darnedest to eliminate it. If they don't and it becomes widespread, they will be ridiculed to no end. If they try to fight it, they will still be ridiculed when they fail to eliminate it, but at least they tried. IMVHO, it is here, just like the invasive species continuing to spread in our lakes. There is no way to eliminate it. But as I stated, it won't significantly impact deer numbers in the state. The disease will kill far fewer deer than the efforts to get rid of it will. It is mainly the health issues to worry about. But I've been wrong once or twice before.
  6. Really?! I would love to see that documentation. I was a part of that discussion back in the day also and never remember anything presented that would verify that talk.
  7. Two years ago I left my stand in the woods with the intention of hunting the next morning. We got about 5" of snow overnight. It was the heavy wet stuff that froze overnight so it was slippery. When I got to the top of my steps and went to step over to my stand, my foot slipped. I was bear hugging the tree so I didn't fall, but my left shin, just under my knee, slammed into the top step of my Lone Wolf stick. It immediately swelled up and started bleeding. It was sore as hell for a couple weeks after and I was darn lucky I was bear hugging the tree. Had I not been, it could have been a disaster. So yes, try to be very careful! To finish the story, about 3 weeks after the incident at hockey practice, one of my players shot a puck in my direction and hit me absolutely directly on that injury on my shin. I just about pooped and peed myself in pain. LOL!
  8. APR is working fantastic in SE MN. It could work along the transition also in an amazing way. Acceptance in SE MN was 49% at the start and is now 60% and 15% don't care. So you have 75% of hunters satisfied with deer hunting down there (according to Cornicelli in the latest Outdoor News). I realize that this is off-topic, but APR would be a great compromise for significantly more area in MN.
  9. It was MDDI and Brooks that caused the DNR to go to lottery for a few years in central MN. The deer manager in my area wanted to continue with basically unlimited doe harvest after those two difficult winters. We would not be experiencing good hunting here this year if it were left up to our manager. Two years of mild winters and laying off doe harvest can make a huge difference in deer numbers in some of the best deer habitat in the midwest.
  10. Without MDDI, we would have had continued overharvest after the tough winters in central MN. Without question. It may only be one particular deer manager, but MDDI made a difference here. My thanks to their efforts!
  11. I saw 1 doe with twin fawns, and they weren't very big. I didn't see any others while sitting, but I did see three standing in a group on an impact area. I didn't see any wolf sign and I hunted three different spots, northcentral, southeast and southwest. I think I heard that the total kill for the weekend was around 80 deer. So less than 120 for the two hunts combined.
  12. I saw 5 deer for the weekend. A doe and two fawns and later a spike Saturday morning, another spike Saturday evening and a fork/spike Sunday morning. A guy shot about a 125" 8 pointer up where I was Saturday morning. Looked like a 200 pound deer. Good buck. I heard that 48 deer were shot Saturday. Haven't heard anything on Sunday.
  13. Going in with low expectations, just to have fun and sit in my favorite spot. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised. Hope the rut is ramping up and the bucks are on the move. Good luck everyone!
  14. Been having a lot of deer ticks on me this year. Kind of scary for sure. Hope you recover quick and no complications.
  15. Total harvest was 34 deer for the two days.
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