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  1. I have never been stuck with chains on the back, but the only problem I have if I don't put the wheels on the house I need to pop the house to move it because I'm to light
  2. ikona

    Best auger

    I'll give my 2 cents I've ran Jiffy 1 arm bandit to Eskimos. What I own is a 224 auger with a xl-3000 power head and I like the ease of use and it is faster than most augers I have used.
  3. I have tried numerous things wax-silcone and they all help but if u drill a lot of like me it will be just a matter of time before it freezes
  4. ikona

    Ponder for Freeman

    Freeman would be an upgrade, look how he shredded our defense last year.
  5. ikona

    Justin Morneau

    Can't wait to here the marketing slogan next year. Come watch your AA Minnesota twinkies @ Target field. Maybe 60 wins?
  6. Im a strikemaster guy, excellent customer service the 1 time I had to use it in 20 years
  7. Good time will be had by all, this will be my 5th year doing this.
  8. Good to hear I've been treated really well from them a few years ago. A nice bonus when u are in the market for a new auger
  9. I have noticed on the bigger lakes it is pretty good but some of the prairie lakes it is not good the other day i was in the middle of the lake it showed me on the shore. But it is just another tool to help.
  10. A 224 auger is great run n gun auger for people who hole hop. Mine is a 3hp and I wouldn't sell it.
  11. Great shoot & great entertainment for the day
  12. Yes you can adjust it, I would call customer service @ strikemaster and they will tell you how to adjust.
  13. I have used under armor compression and don't care for it. Polartec ecw gear is what I use when I want to stay warm.
  14. Congrats on the bird, the biggest tail feather that I have shot is 20 I would say u have a thophy.
  15. I spray my poles down with a chain wax, I also use it on the zippers seems to work fine
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