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  1. 1st year on a new 1200 lodge, as others stated, seat rail is too high for my liking. Knowing what I do know, I'd have mocked up the seating system with some sort of vertical brace in the sled. otherwise no complaints, just wish I could get more use out of it!
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    Lol, not me! Luckily for me, the co-op I work for doesn't have a cylinder filling program, also we were one of the very few co-op's that didn't have to ration propane last winter for home heat or ag use, not to mention one of the cheapest. $4.00/gallon was our highest cash price, and that only lasted for 3 days, then back to $3.50 for a few weeks before falling further.
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    Regulators control pressure, not volume. What's probably happening is there is too much of a pressure drop with the 20lb, especially if it was an exchanged cylinder, they're only filled to 60% capacity. With the 100lb, there's 5 times the liquid propane vs a full (80%) 20 pounder, therefore less pressure drop when in use. I deliver propane for a living, so I know a thing or two about it.
  4. Cruising youtube videos the other day, I ran across a video posted by eskimo featuring their new propane powered auger. Anybody have any more details on it? Motor manufacturer, weight, price, etc.?
  5. I'd stick with highlife's plan, or use those little peel and stick hand warmers. 1 pounders have really cheap valves that are prone to leaking, so I would personally shy away from any type of ignition source.
  6. LittleHuck

    Best auger

    I use a jiffy white lightning 8" that's probably half as old as I am. My buddy has a SM lazer that hasn't been around more than 3 years. Anytime we head out more than an hour or two away, he doesn't even bring his with. Sure mines heavier, slower, uglier, etc... But it's never let anyone down. Ever. Proud to say I've got a good one.
  7. My dad bought one a few year back, 6.5x16 don't know what year, old enough that it didn't have a split tongue. Structurally there were no issues with it whatsoever. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
  8. I tried my first batch of channel cat yesterday, had some this morning and they turned out not too bad. My brine was 1 gallon water, 3/4 cup canning salt, 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1 tbsp black ground pepper. I ran a couple channel filets, 2 bullheads - head and entrails removed, and another full channel with just head an entrails removed. Went til 145 on each of the different cuts. Filets were pretty good, but haven't had a chance to try the bullheads or the full cat, I've done bullheads this way before so I would assume the cat will be similar. Also, I've always smoked fish with the skin on, never tried it without.
  9. I work 7 days a week from mid April til the beginning of November. Had my new (to me) boat on water 1 day last year. I'll take hard water any day!
  10. 300# worth of fishing equipment in a sled is no real chore for almost any machine.
  11. I've also heard of a couple old timers using broken oyster shells meant for poultry.
  12. Couldn't agree more! Crisco, shore lunch, a couple minutes on each side, couple of icy Schell's and I'm in heaven!
  13. One thing to keep in mind is machine weight. I used to be a Yamaha tech and had people complain to me that their brand new Yamaha didn't push snow as well as the 5 year old Polaris, all the Yamaha did was spin. From what I was told, somewhere around 600 pounds was a shipping cost break, any higher and shipping rates went up. I haven't looked for a few years, but I know Yamaha always targeted 600 pound dry weight, so they're often lighter than the "domestics".
  14. My dad stepped up to a new Ion this year, and passed his Jiffy 76 down to me. He's had it longer than I can remember and the only time it has failed to cut holes is the first outing of 2011 season. He had (unknown to me at the time) used it to bore a couple holes in the yard where it was littered with broken chunks of pavement the summer beforehand and neglected to mention it to me. New blade and a bit of work to the tip with a grinder and she was back to throwing chips. It's heavy, it's ugly, it's slower than the buddies strikemaster, but it's earned it's keep, and ill keep drilling holes for my buddy when the strikemaster gets "out of pitch" for many years to come!
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