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  1. Snag

    Joe Mauer

    I'm sure MLB had him pee in a cup 12 times and take a blood test after the game. Timberwolves get the #1 pick and now this.
  2. Snag

    Gophers 2014-2015

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota sophomore guard Daquein McNeil was jailed Tuesday without bail after his arrest on a felony domestic assault charge involving his girlfriend. McNeil, who was suspended from all team activities pending the investigation, was booked Monday, according to jail records. The Hennepin County attorney’s office had until Wednesday to charge him, spokesman Chuck Laszewski said. McNeil was arrested for second-degree domestic assault and domestic assault by strangulation. According to the Minneapolis police report, the 20-year-old McNeil and his girlfriend, who is 28, got into an argument Monday morning at an apartment on campus. McNeil tore off her clothes, hit her multiple times with a large belt, choked her and poured cold water on her, the police report said. She fled outside wearing a small robe and coat to another apartment around the corner, where a man called in the emergency and she waited until police and medics arrived. Officers observed the victim distraught, with several bruises and welts over her body, the report said. She was taken to a hospital. Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague said the school was gathering information and cooperating with authorities. “This athletics department values respect and positively impacting the lives of others and will not tolerate any form of domestic assault from its staff or student-athletes,” Teague said in a statement released by the university. The team was unavailable for comment. The Gophers play St. John’s on Wednesday in New York in the semifinals of the NIT Season Tip-Off at Madison Square Garden. McNeil was averaging 3.3 points, 3.3 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 18.8 minutes per game. He was usually the second guard off the bench, behind starters Andre Hollins and DeAndre Mathieu and backup Nate Mason. McNeil played sparingly as a freshman, averaging 1.6 points and 9.8 minutes per game, but coach Richard Pitino mentioned him last month as the team’s most improved player over the summer. McNeil was the first player to sign with Minnesota after Pitino was hired last year, after originally committing to play at Florida International where Pitino previously coached. He was a three-year starter at Vermont Academy, a prep school in the small town of Saxtons River, after leaving behind a rough upbringing on the east side of Baltimore where he lived with his aunt. In 2007, when McNeil was 13, his father was murdered and his mother died after a long bout with lupus.
  3. You can get birds up without a dog, but finding them is a lot harder after you shoot them.
  4. Snag

    Vikes vs Fudge??

    Teddy looks like his bad pro day on the deep balls. He's a rookie and the line sucks, but we should see some good down field throws every once in a while.
  5. "Let's not forget, he paid for a sex party in a hotel using a credit card for his charity, then when one women got jealous because she saw him having sex with another woman, he reminded both of them that he was engaged to yet....yes, another woman!" I had almost forgotten about that.
  6. Young, Bennett and Wiggins for Love may look Herschel Walkerish someday.
  7. I've been out 6 times close to the cities and have seen about 1-2 birds per hour of walking. Have only shot 4 birds so far. I didn't see any influx since the corn came out and it's been really dry and windy which hasn't helped the dog with scenting. I tried a few WIA's and found the land to be marginal at best with no birds seen on either piece. I plan on hitting Western MN after the deer hunters are done.
  8. Out-coached in the first quarter. Good comeback, but missed field goal and fumble were tough. Kill is a good coach and he knows how to make players better. The Washburn running back that can't participate this year will help change the program next year. I hope they can play their best and get two more wins.
  9. The St. Michael vet gave my wife 20 reasons to cut off his family jewels. Got a recommendation for the Annandale vet. Prices are 1/3 of the cities. Worth the extra drive.
  10. Snag

    when to feed?

    I usually feed 3-4 hours prior to a morning hunt. Never had any issues.
  11. I like the idea from the Star Tribune article of taking better care of the public land. It said they are doing twice as many prescribed burns and trying to enhance the land we have. I was out in wright county last night driving around and was bummed to see so many houses butted right up,to public land making parts of them unhuntable.
  12. Snag

    Vikes vs Fudge??

    I was suprised they couldn't get up for the game, but with all that's gone on, All Night, Greenway, Rudolph all out for the game it doesn't surprise me that they gave it such a poor effort with Ponder at the QB position. They need to cut Ponder. He just brings bad vibes for the entire team. After they cut All Night next year, I hope they are able to sign a decent Offensive line or some linebackers. I was hoping for the best and expecting the worst last night.
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