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  1. rkhinrichs

    Where Ya Opening The Season

    Zone 213 for me! This is the longesttt Thursday of the year!!
  2. rkhinrichs

    Nm Elk

    That’s sweet! Did you have to change your bow set-up differently than your whitetail set-up?
  3. rkhinrichs

    Montana Archery Elk 2018 By Cheetah

    Great read and a great adventure!
  4. rkhinrichs

    What's Your Go To Broadhead?

    I use a exodus fix blade or a NAP killzone as my expandable.
  5. rkhinrichs


    Thank you Scott! I have learned a ton from you about archery! Also, Love hearing your hunting adventures that you go on with ryan! I joined this site to meet people, share stories, but also help them out!
  6. rkhinrichs


    Thank you!!!! Your day will come!!!
  7. rkhinrichs


    I used my canoe this year to access a remote area that payed off! I am truly grateful and humbled by this experience!!!
  8. rkhinrichs

    Trail Cam Recommendations?

    Trailcampro.com is a good resource to read their reviews and they have a good warranty. Personal.... I don’t buy a trail cams over $120. The best time to buy is Black Friday or at the end of the season. I mostly use stealth cam and moutry. Hope this helps.
  9. rkhinrichs

    Getting antsy

    My goal this year was to build my own arrows. We will see if they work on September 1st.
  10. How far off a road/trail do you bear bait into the woods?
  11. rkhinrichs

    Mine center area

    Yes, I would say the smallie action was good. A couple days we had to work for them. I was using my fly rod with a murdich minnow and was out catching the spinning guys.
  12. rkhinrichs

    Mine center area

    Fishing a mid lake Hump that came up to 45ft. Caught most of the fish between 50-61. We did catch some on the top of the hump in the evening.
  13. Here are some pictures from this years trip!
  14. rkhinrichs

    Persistence Pays off

  15. rkhinrichs

    Which lone wolf hang on stand do you like?

    Well I got the Alpha 2! Looks great!