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  1. Well here are my plans... I have a season A tag for MN. So I’m going to use my bow but by the end of the week the 12 ga. Might get the start. Hunting the whole week this year! So I’m pretty stoked! might get an season E tag in Wisconsin and hunt with my buddy but we are talking about doing a moose shed hunt/ steelhead fishing on the north shore... ei
  2. rkhinrichs

    Ne 2019

    Cool hunt! Someday I will get out to NE
  3. Well...make sure you apply!! It’s open boys!!!
  4. Here are my calls that go in my vest. -Roberts Brothers pot call -custom long box call -wood haven red wasp mouth call - owl call.
  5. rkhinrichs

    New Bow

    Did you shoot the rx1? If you did... what made you pick the rx3 over rx1?
  6. I emailed the dnr.. results will be out end of this week early next week.
  7. Feb 9. Was when they posted the results last year. So maybe feb 8 this year
  8. Is Hotspot going to put on the turkey contest again this year?
  9. Zone 213 for me! This is the longesttt Thursday of the year!!
  10. That’s sweet! Did you have to change your bow set-up differently than your whitetail set-up?
  11. I use a exodus fix blade or a NAP killzone as my expandable.
  12. Thank you Scott! I have learned a ton from you about archery! Also, Love hearing your hunting adventures that you go on with ryan! I joined this site to meet people, share stories, but also help them out!
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