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  1. BTL

    Where everyone go?

    Unfortunately forums everywhere are dying. I think everyone is moving to Facebook.
  2. BTL

    So is this forum dead?

    They were done spawning for the most part. Fishing was great and I caught a ton of bass. Swim jigs, senkos, and a popper were the MVBs.
  3. BTL

    So is this forum dead?

    Yep, OTC. I wouldn't mind seeing some on beds. Seems like I usually get there just as the largemouth are wrapping up.
  4. BTL

    So is this forum dead?

    Sure looks like it. Headed up to MN in a couple weeks and can't wait to get on some bass. Hope they're still prespawn during this year's trip.
  5. My only issue with throwing jerkbaits is that they are pike magnets. Agree about OTC, I'm there for two weeks every year and will fish 7 or 8 different lakes during that time.
  6. BTL

    Jet Skis

    There's a guy out here who goes by Jet Ski Brian, he has made some crazy modifications to his jet skis for fishing purposes. Catches a lot of fish too.
  7. BTL

    Bass Photos

    Few pics from my recent trip to Central MN. Nice largemouth I decided I was going to throw a lot of swimbaits this year. They worked well until they were inevitably stolen by pike. You know it's gonna be a good day when you catch a fatty before you even leave the ramp. Brace of nice smallies. Pig largemouth. Pretty smallmouth on a jerkbait. More quality largemouth. Smallmouth selfie. Another largemouth
  8. I've been there for sure. Sometimes I wish I had a Hobie. Nice fish.
  9. BTL

    How was opener

    Holy cow what an amazing fishery that is. Congrats guys!
  10. Shaggy parasols are coming up in the shade garden again. Yum.
  11. BTL

    Flipping Jig Review

    I use the Grassmaster a lot too. Both are quality jigs, I rarely throw any other.
  12. Fun tournament to watch, I liked how it was a mix of smallmouth and largemouth. Iaconelli took care of business.
  13. Out here (Virginia) our lakes are dirty and warm, and from what I understand, saugeyes thrive in those conditions. Our walleyes are all stocked since very few of our lakes have suitable spawning habitat and there is little to no natural reproduction. Really looking forward to catching a saugeye just so I can cross it off my list!
  14. My state started stocking saugeye in some of our lakes a few years ago, and I'd like to target them. I've caught plenty of walleyes, but never a saugeye (or sauger either for that matter). Do you use different techniques for saugeye than you do for walleye, or do you basically fish for them the same way?
  15. Update I was able to get an extension kit from Tim's Outboard! Couldn't believe it, I checked all over the internet and local shops and NOBODY had the right one for my motor, but Tim's was able to dig one up. It was a great price too, much less than I expected to pay. They shipped it out to me and I'll be installing it on Sunday. Thanks to swamptiger for the suggestion!
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