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  1. Well had the day off and my mom was nice enough to stay over and watch little guy today so I could take my wife Elizabeth fishing! Absolutely glass calm all day and overcast so the temperature was cool but not too cold. Water temps were still down around low 60s. We headed into the backcountry and tried some different stuff from my regular routine as of late. Was also worried about the bugs with as calm as it was, they were definitely around. It was a little slow to start, we found 1 nice black drum and a trout at the first stop. Then nothing in the next couple stops though tons of bait around on the shoreline. We ran further back and fished another shoreline hard with the trolling motor, got 1 nice drum here and lost a good fish that could've been a good snook but I think it was a shark. We will never know! After that we ran even further back and tried some gulf structure without much luck. I did mark a few fish on the bottom however so that was interesting. We tried a couple other creeks that looked really good but only found a few trout in one. Really strange with as nice as the water and conditions looked in thought there would be been some reds, snook, or something similar. We headed back and tried a spot I fished the other day to finish up. Tide was getting right there now and it was good fishing. We got a bunch of drum here, a handful of redfish, one nice snook, a sheepshead, and a few more trout. Great way to end the day and was glad my wife got to catch a bunch, also was as scenic and pretty as it gets! I have openings through the weekend if anyone wants to go. Conditions look to stay calm and then another front this weekend, not quite as intense as the last one but will cool off again. Capt. Rick Stanczyk Facebook Instagram [email protected]
  2. Well a few days ago we got hit hard by a good cold front and the temperatures plummeted down into the 50s here in Islamorada, FL. We also had another reinforcing front back that one up, so things stayed chilly. The water in the backcountry bays dropped into the high 50s as well in some portions. Though a day after each front passed the winds laid down and gave way to some epic fishing. Today I had Pam and Lars down from Arkansas and we fished deep in the everglades. We got out early and were loaded up with some nice lively shrimp. When the water temps drop this far, usually everything is pretty keyed in on shrimp - they don't want to work too hard for that meal and expend a lot of energy. Working them very slowly on the bottom, really just letting them lay and twitching every so often, works wonders. Once we got set up and the tide started moving in, it was game on. Pam and Lars each landed well into the double digits on snook, and quite a few 'big girls' for us... fish in the 8 to 12 lb range. Multiple double headers it was a blast! We also had quite a few black drum and nice redfish too. Very good to see the reds as they've been hard to find especially in the summer time, as much of their habitat has been beat up due to algae blooms and grass die off. But in the winter they do show up in the 'winter time holes' along with their cousins the black drum, snook, and sheepshead. We also saw several small tarpon rolling about. I didn't have much hope that they would bite but knew it was a possibility. We kept throwing in their direction, and soon Pam hooked and landed a nice 25 lb tarpon! Not to be outdone, Lars got one about an hour after that. Backcountry SLAMS for both anglers, wow! We continued catching fish for several hours it was just epic, also got a few trout mixed in which we kept for dinner. I don't particularly like killing our drum, especially the redfish, due to the lack of numbers... and snook are currently out of season and also more of a gamefish for us too. On the way home we hit the gulf side to look for some triple tail. It was so calm and those fish like to lay on the surface near the crab buoys, sunning themselves and waiting for an easy meal. We saw quite a few but mostly little guys, though we caught several and got one that was big enough for dinner too at least. Just a banner day out of Islamorada in December fishing. I have the same crew again tomorrow and then several days open next week, come on down the fishing is great! Capt. Rick Stanczyk Facebook Instagram [email protected]
  3. October is nearing it's end here and we've already had our first legit cold front of the winter! It's very early for it to be getting as cold as it did, but the weather has been crazy the last few years thats for sure. It dipped down into the mid 60s here, and looks like Sunday night it will be doing so again! We actually even have a tropical depression that is suppose to be making its way here during the day too and it's kind of made our weekend a wash. Luckily though it will just be a good bit of rain and heavier than normal winds. Fishing has been decent I myself have been doing the everglades things mostly. Before the front we were having good action with some juvenile tarpon and snook back there. Had a few days that were very good when it was nice and calm, and the water cleaned up substantially, and some other days where the wind was cranking but we were still able to pick away at some fish and had OK catches. Mid October had Colin and Stephen over from the UK, they enjoyed catching a good number of snook and they each got a medium sized tarpon and also a big lemon shark. The following day I had Jerry and his son in law Mark, they also enjoyed a good day of snook plus a couple redfish, and we got a couple of bigger 10-12 lb snook fishing deeper water as well as another lemon shark too. Had my dad and Ron Modra out for a fun day after that, we got about 8 snook and 3 juvenile tarpon... the snook were larger on average than the previous days which was cool just not as many. Had Philip and his buddy Andre for some tarpon fishing one day... we didn't have luck withe the tarpon we did hook one but lost him, though we banged up the snook pretty good landing a dozen or so. Half day with Mario and Steve who are Florida folk, we caught a few snappers for dinner and got 3 juvenile tarpon while doing that and a snook and couple sharks it was great fishing! And the last couple days after the front we had, we caught redfish, drum, and snook mostly. Those trips were with long time customer John Watson and his family, and then Bud, Anna, and Kyle whom enjoyed their first trip back in the everglades! It looks like after sunday the weather will be nicer again, it is suppose to dip down into the 60s again but then slowly warm up. Northeast winds most of the week 15mph or so, which should be ideal for most of our fall/winter fishing. I think the tarpon thing is more or less over, may have some shots at small guys when the water temps are 70 or more, but for the most part bet on doing the cooler weather options. That usually includes snook, redfish, drum, and trout in the 'glades. Mackerels should start showing up in the gulf which I haven't had any reports on yet but with this cold weather I'm sure there are some out there. Also patch reef fishing will be an option, but usually that's a little easier with less wind or at least due north wind. Capt. Rick Stanczyk Facebook Instagram [email protected] Charter Fishing in Islamorada with Capt. Rick Stanczyk
  4. Winter time is still upon us in the Keys and fishing has been decent. Lately it's been a mixed bag on all of our winter time actvities as far as fishing goes. Shrimp is the bait of choice with water temperatures below 70 degrees and that means you don't have to waste time looking for bait which is always a plus. The everglades has been a good mix of red and black drum with some snook mixed in. The occasional sheepshead or trout also are making their precencse known. In the gulf the spanish mackerel bite has been on fire and that is a very consistent thing. Today we had to work at it but late morning we got into a decent bite of reds along the shallow shorelines, with a few snook and black drum mixed in. The higher water at the end of the incoming tide had fish happy laying in the sun with the calm weather and it was fun fishing. Further in the gulf the triple tail fishing has been very good too. Today we found lots of larger size ones (mostly keepers of 15+ inches). A fellow captain buddy of mine even bagged a 14 lber today! We lost one that was about 10 lbs by pulling the hook unfortunately. Out on the ocean side the patch reef fishing has also been very good. That is a great option for half day trips. Fellow captains today reported a good mix of snapper, porgy, and some nice hogfish out there. Shots at permit are not uncommon either this time of year on the nice days like today when it is cooler and the wind lays down. Look us up if you are interested in fishing in the Keys. Tarpon season is just around the corner and the spring time is booking up fast which is prime fishing! Capt. Rick Stanczyk [email protected] Florida Keys Fishing Charters at Bud n' Mary's
  5. We've been having a bit more cool weather in the later winter here in Islamorada, after a warmspell for several weeks around christmas and early january. This has led to much more of the traditional winter time fishing in our area. We've been having great success in the gulf and bays with spanish mackerel. This has been hot action most days, and even the slow days are still yielding a decent amount of fish. Mixed in are snapper, ladyfish, bluefish, and the occasional pompano. Big blacktip sharks are readily found too, fishing some of that fresh mackerel on the bottom with a big rod! Out on the patch reefs, the hogfish and porgies have been lots of fun and great tablefare. It's been a fantastic year with the hogfish numbers, more than I've ever remember hearing! We've had several days with our limit of them, and most guides I've talked to have had a day or two themselves catching high double digit numbers of them. In the everglades, the drum and snook fishing has been fair. The deeper creeks have had some black drum and the action is not always red hot, but some of them have been big lunkers of 20, 30, and even a 40 lber being caught that I heard of. You often have to be patient, and it is a lot more casting than catching, but the fish are quality and the reward is worth the effort. Snook have been fair and same thing, a good number of larger fish that are holed up for the winter on the oyster bars and creek mouths. Redfish and sheepshead have been mixed in as well. Shrimp is the bait of choice and that's worked well most days. We've had a handful of tripletail in the gulf too, with cobia mixed in on the wrecks. February is here now, and as soon as things warm up i'm sure the tarpon will be starting to show up. Spring time is already looking very busy though there are still some excellent guides that have days or evenings avialable to catch the big silver king. Capt. Rick Stanczyk [email protected] Islamorada Fishing Charter Guide Capt. Rick Stanczyk
  6. We've had an unusual warm streak from a little before christmas to just last night actually. With the previous 80 degree weather a lot of our early usual 'spring time' fishing targets showed up quite early. We had quite a few days with great tarpon fishing around the Islamorada area as well as back in the everglades national park. Most fish we landed were in the 80 to 150 lb range, the big winter time spawners that often show up under such conditions. We could spot them 'free jumping' off some of the banks, channels, and beaches. Huge black mullet were all over the place, taking the place of the traditional silver mullets we find in the spring and summer time. Fishing the incoming tides we had decent action out of the tarpon, often having to put a little time in but you could usually get a few bites with some patience. Our best day we had 4 bites with huge tarpon going airborne in about an hour and a half - that is great fishing even in the height of tarpon season! Along with tarpon we had a variety of sharks such as big black tips, lemons, bulls, and even a hammerhead one day. We also landed some nice cobia as well which was a pleasant surprise. Right now things are cooling down again as we experience another cold front, typical for January. This should be good for the redfish, black drum, sheepshead, and snook fishing which is the more common target in the everglades for the winter. We've still had tremendous spanish mackerel fishing to keep the light rods bent, along with some nice tripletail further out in the gulf. On the patch reefs, there has been great variety with hogfish, porgy, snapper, and grouper. Looks to be warming up again quite soon, so I think early February and March we should have great tarpon fishing. The last few years it has been pretty good early. Get in touch with me if your looking to come to Islamorada fishing, late winter and spring is a fantastic time to come as you can tell! Capt. Rick Stanczyk [email protected]oridakeys.net
  7. It's getting near Christmas and business is picking up here for fishing guides in Islamorada, Florida. I've been getting out a few days a week the first part of December though from a little before christmas to before new years my bookings are solid - a good sign for the 2015 season! Fishing was stellar the last couple days we fished as we had another good cold front chill things down this whole past week in Islamorada. Only one day did it blow hard and we did not fish that day, though the last couple days it's been fairly slick calm only a light breeze out of the north at 5 mph. The water temperatures in the everglades have been in the mid to high 60s, and the gulf it was about 68. Yesterday we caught the start of the falling tide out in the near gulf of mexico just outside the everglades park boundary. We put out the chum bag on one of my little white 'bay holes' and within 30 minutes we had all the spanish mackerel you could ask for. My anglers had just about a bite every cast for a solid hour and a half. Only a few macks in the 5 lb range, most were 2 to 3 lbs, but lots of fun on the ultralight gear that we went to. We fished bare yellow jigheads with shrimp, upping our leader to 60 lb due to their sharp teeth, and that worked perfect. Around 10:00 we ran back into everglades national park around flamingo. I hit some of the mangrove island moats with the mid falling tide. The first spot I hit was a gold mine, loaded with snook and a few other specimens. Again jigs and shrimp did the trick - with snook we usually horn-hook the shrimp to keep 'em alive and twitching. Slow twitching them as they drift along up under the edges of the trees. We landed around 20 snook, and a couple redfish and sheepshead too. After that we tried a few other spots on the bottom of the tide, but with the wind having swung around southeast by that point the flats didn't 'dry out' as you would hope with a stiffer north wind this time of year. Did not find much for drum in the channel run-offs, so we called it a day - but definitely one to remember! A couple days before that we hit the patch reefs and that fishing was stellar too. There have been plenty of hogfish, porgy, varieties of snappers, grouper, and occasional cero mackerel out there. Shrimp does wonders here though occasionally we are bringing pilchards for bigger mutton snappers and groupers. We saw some schools of permit mid day on some rocks last time too, though they were not really interested in biting for us but may of been better later in the afternoon. December and January are great times to come fishing in the Florida Keys, drop me a line if your interested! Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 [email protected] Islamorada Fishing Charters at Bud n' Mary's Marina
  8. We are nearing the end of October and it is starting to feel a little bit like Fall here in the Florida Keys. Last weekend we finally had a minor cold front roll through dropping the temperatures to the low 70s at night and mid 80s during the day. We expect more of this through the next couple months as the temperatures cool and this should really help our backcountry fishing. Earlier this month fishing had been tough for a couple weeks with summer dragging on with the heat as well as a big moon. This weekend however we finally saw some nice redfish push into the deeper moats on low tide and shorelines on the high water with plenty of snook mixed in with them. We landed a dozen of each one day and a nice juvenile goliath grouper as well. Tarpon have still been around and happy to put on a show for the avid angler. Four of the five last trips we targetted tarpon we had success, mostly just a fish or two a trip but we did have a big day the other day landing 5 of 12 hooked tarpon! Some fish have still been very large too, on one day one being 80 lbs and the other over 100 lbs! We have yet to see much of the craziness that is the fall bait run, I was surprised this last front did not seem to push the big schools of bait down towards us and have the tarpon going crazy. It is odd as I've heard up the coast around miami and the west coast they are having big schools of baitfish migrating there. Though it may happen just later in the month or even in November sometime. On half day trips the spanish mackerel fishing should start getting hot, that is perfect for rod bending fun and there are usually plenty of big blacktips out there too if you want to tango with something large and ferocious! If your wanting to come down and fish now is a great time, before it gets too cold there are still shots at everything and it is a slower time of year so you can beat the crowds! Capt. Rick Stanczyk [email protected] Florida Keys Bonefishing Guide Capt. Rick Stanczyk
  9. It's almost April and big tarpon are starting to show up now in Islamorada and throughout the Florida Keys. I've been fishing tarpon since the first week of February and we've had pretty good early season fishing but now the real big schools are showing up. Just a few days ago we had a 5 fish day with most fish in the 60-100 lb range. In February we had a 6 fish day with fish in the same size range. We've had a handful of 3 and 4 fish days, several 2 fish days, and a lot of 1 fish days - with other shots of course but tarpon are just tough fish to keep on the line some times! That's pretty good for this early in the season with over a 90% success rate of getting a fish to the boat. Mostly fishing fresh mullet live and dead as that is what the tarpon want this time of year. The fishing in both the backcountry everglades and locally around the islamorada bridges and channels have both had fish. Some mornings we go early or some evenings we stay till sunset and thats when the crabs are the bait of choice. Elsewhere we've been getting a handful of redfish, snook, drum, and trout in the backcountry. Plenty of snappers too if your looking for tablefare. The patch reefs on the ocean side still have good fishing too for porgy, hogfish, snapper, grouper, and a handful of mackerels. There are plenty of sharks around too, we got a nice size hammer head today plus several blacktips. Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 [email protected] Shark Fishing with Capt. Rick Stanczyk
  10. Summer time is officially here in the Florida Keys. Summer time tarpon are here too. Those are more of the resident fish that can be found in the backcountry and around Islamorada that are often smaller in size but just as fun to catch. We've been finding lots of mullet in the backcountry and getting those early in the morning then fishing the channels and bays. We went 8 for 14 the last two days, most fish are in the 30 to 60 lb range though we did finish the day today with a 100 lber locally around Islamorada. In the backcountry they've been biting on the in and out tides, morning or afternoon - sometimes both! In the bays trout and snapper are in good supply though the mangroves should be moving offshore soon to spawn. Snook can be found throughout the cape and flamingo areas, and most the redfish this time of year are up in the super skinny water, so make sure you bring your shallow draft boat for them! With the winds that have been blowing I haven't been out in the gulf much though that is often a good bet this time of year for permit. Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 [email protected] Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada with Capt. Rick Stanczyk
  11. April and May have been phenomenal months for tarpon fishing in Islamorada. April 2013 was one of the best months for tarpon in a long time. We caught fish almost every trip with exception of only a couple - and had shots at fish on every trip. Most trips we landed 2 or more fish. Our best day we boated 11 tarpon - fantastic! All fishing on fresh mullet, live and dead. The mullet are starting to thin out now as we get more into summer time and crabs will become a preferred bait. The tarpon fishing is still peaking through June, and the summer time can be very good too just not as consistent but a lot less pressure on the fish which is a good thing. Today we caught 3 big tarpon locally around Islamorada all on live mullet. Yesterday we caught 3 as well, and the day before that we had 4. Big numbers being put up and we are seeing more fish now showing up locally as it looks like fish fresh in from the spawn are back to hang out for a while. Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 [email protected] Key Largo Fishing Charters with Capt. Rick Stanczyk
  12. Had Sue Cocking down from the Miami Herald today on 1/4/13 for a little fishing story for the outdoors section of the Herald. There was a last minute cancellation to her original plans and we set something up the day before. We decided to go for a backcountry islamorada fishing trip and to showcase a variety of fish, as that is one of the special things about fishing in the florida keys. We started out near flamingo, fishing some high-water spots near some mangroves for redfish. We caught about a half dozen or so, as well as a few black drum and sheepshead. We later moved to some deeper moats on the change of the tide to look for some snook. We did hook one nice one that broke us off near the boat, and ended up catching a few more black drum and sheepshead. Later we moved to some other channels where there had been some nice muds with a good mix of fish. Trout, ladyfish, pompano, and a baby permit were to be had. All fish to this point were caught on simple shrimp and jigs whilst islamorada fishing. We started to use some tiny ladyfish pieces to catch pinfish, and we mohawked them catching a couple dozen while bending the rod with other stuff! We then headed out into the gulf of mexico fishing as the weather was slick calm and looked too pretty not to try. We found several tripletail on the way out, and caught several keeping 3 for dinner. Casting shrimp on a bare hook with tiny float was effective, and we even caught a few on light jigs as some were staying down a little deeper. We then went gulf wreck fishing and caught several cobias up to 15 lbs, as well as another permit, and a large 100 lb goliath grouper! Cobias were all caught on our fresh pinfish. We then wanted to try to catch some mackerel, so we headed back towards sprigger bank and fished a few miles out from there. On the way we came across something very unusual - several large packs of bonitas in the 8 - 12 lb range feeding on something very small. We didn't get any bites out of them, but were able to drive right on top to confirm what they were! As soon as we anchored and casted in our mackerel area we had fish on, we put a little chum out and caught about a dozen spanish mackerel as well as a few bluefishfish and snappers. We then headed home, another beautiful day here and fun to be had in all areas, not just islamorada flats fishing in the backcountry! Capt. Vic Gaspeny has reported excellent water and temperature conditions for tarpon fishing in islamorada. They caught 9 in early morning trips as well as a 30 lb permit. Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 [email protected] Flats Fishing Islamorada
  13. The last few days of November we had here look to be fairly windy, so I was glad to get out and enjoy some fun fishing for myself on 11/28/12. We hit a couple gulf spots early in the day on the last of the falling tide. Caught a cobia and nice redfish both on pinfish on different spots, hit a few more though no other luck. When the tide started coming in we ran back to cape sable and looked in one of the creeks back there. Had a slow pick of redfish, catching between 15 and 20, plus plenty of jacks, ladyfish, and a few trout and snapper. The fish are not quite loaded up in the deeper creeks, once we have another good cold front I imagine it will get real good. Once the water rose higher we ran back to one of the larger canals in the everglades and looked for some snook. Did catch one nice snook and red on the shoreline on the way back. Ended up catching 3 more snook in 2 different spots in the big canal we fished, all on pinfish. Some nice size snook which are always lots of fun! A great end to another great day on the water! Capt. Rick Stanczyk [email protected] Fishing Islamorada
  14. We've had a lot of wind the last couple days and it's expected to continue through the weekend from 10/12/12. Yesterday it was a hard northwest wind of 20 mph and we made our way back to islamorada backcountry fishing cape sable hoping the northerlyeasterly wind would hold there and keep the waters semi-clean. Unfortunately it swung around from the northwest which it has a way of doing back there this time of year october fishing in the florida keys, and the water in the gulf was a mess plus big swells making the ride a little bouncy but nothing my seacraft couldn't handle. Luckily the water where we fished was semi-protected, we fished some points on the low water as it was just starting in and picked a few nice reds and a snook on pinfish, also our friend Bob Mclure who fished with us hooked and lose a very nice snook on light tackle casting shrimp. Bob was a major league pitcher for 20 years in the MLB, pitching for many teams including the Brewers in the 1982 world series. Great to have him join us on this october islamorada fishing report. He has still coached for many teams in the last couple decades, including our own Miami Marlins! We tried a few other mouths and points however the high water seemed to have the fish scattered further in for our october fishing in islamorada. So went deep into some of the creeks to some very shallow stuff, luckily the in tide and high water I had no problem getting my larger boat around. We found some neat spots, picking half a dozen reds or so in 4 spots, plus a few more snook and a black drum, all in 2 foot of water or less. Redfish in Islamorada is going to be great this winter! Later we headed back towards home and fished east cape. Got into several nice snook here catching another 5 or so, plus losing several on trees and downed debris, plus some more nice reds and a small goliath. Islamorada snook fishing is great in the fall! We also found a few more nice spots with reds in deeper water, and had one tarpon eat and spit a pinfish. Also lost a snook who jumped into a tree that was likely close to 20 lbs! Very fun day didn't get in till almost 5:00! Capt. Rick Stanczyk [email protected] Fishing Islamorada
  15. Backcountry fishing islamorada september has been good as of late. We've had a fair amount of rain mixed in with some wind which has kept a lot of the bay cooled down which helps the fishing this time of year. There's been a good mix of trout, snapper, ladyfish, and jacks on the edge of the gulf of mexico. Great option for getting some dinner fish and having good rod bending action. Redfish fishing has been productive on the higher water hitting the shorelines and islands. If your flats fishing islamorada this is a good option as there are plenty of these fish around. Today we worked much of the cape and it was a slow pick but we caught fish most places, mostly reds with some trout, ladyfish, and jacks mixed in. Early this morning on the falling tide we got into some big snook, we only managed one to the boat but it was a nice 12 lber! Great fight on light tackle. Big shrimp have been available due to the cooler water which is what this fish ate. We also hooked an islamorada tarpon fishing plugs early with the overcast skies, they were happy, though the rain slammed us while we fought him and that killed the bite as it stirred up lots of mud! Though it was nice to get this good fish for a september florida keys fishing report! Capt. Rick Stanczyk [email protected]
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