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  1. biff

    Barbless hook survey

    NO...more of a feel good regulation. Studies haven't shown any real difference between barbless/barbed. No more unnecessary regs.
  2. biff

    Burbot for the what?!?!

    I don't know...I just came to share some pout love. Cool looking fish.
  3. biff

    Week 3 on one scoop of minnows!

    I remember seeing a fishing show where they where fishing down south with (freshwater) shad for bait...they were hard to keep alive and they added salt to the tanks to help. Never thought about adding it...might be worth a shot. I also had a couple pet shiners in a 55 gallon tank. My "real" fish died and I was tired of cleaning the tank/filter so I just dumped a couple leftover shiners in there. I ended up having those things for years and never cleaned the tank or had a filter and the water was always clean. Maybe that's the key to keeping them alive...just have about 25 gallons per shiner They were actually pretty cute little buggers...every time I came near the tank they would get all excited waiting for food.
  4. biff


    I had some...I didn't think they looked that invisible in the water to me...they kinda look white. I think a small black swivel looks less obtrusive and a quality swivel with a ball bearing probably does better with twist. Then again im not a fish
  5. Bureaucrat...what's the name of that thing?
  6. Ah, I have problems with my buddy heater also. Did not want to light and finally just would not start up except for the pilot light. Happened at the end of the season last year and I just stored it. Now I realize I didn't fix it and im gonna have to dig that thing out and work on it for this season
  7. biff

    New Northland Tackle black glow light

    Looks pretty cool. I always charge up all my lures together to see which glows longest, brightest, and exactly what color they glow. The girlfriend does think its a little weird when im in a totally dark room playing with fishing lures.
  8. biff

    Bassless Waters

    I've noticed this too. Bass tend to be net shy and don't survey well. The survey results don't often match with fishing experiences.
  9. Fantastic opener...the long winter and late spring is a pain to get through but it sure makes for fast fishing with the walleyes stacked up.
  10. biff

    Egg Boiling People

    You guys are just egging lmitout on. Seriously though, im gonna try this egg poking thing out.
  11. biff


    Tunrevir...I have tried several things like Stanley ice off paste and dressing for dry flies like gherkes gink. They do help but after awhile you can still get some ice up. I gob it on my fingers and run the line through and also put it on the guides. I do it before every trip. It wears off after fishing for awhile.
  12. biff

    Boxing Thread

    Well, so now that Mayweather has beaten alvarez whos next for Mayweather? Alvarez was really the only guy that looked good coming up. I would still like to see Mayweather fight Pacquiao but other than that its pretty meh. If there are no big fights out there for mayweather and he retires...not good for boxing.
  13. Nice...did you get a measure on that brown? Looks like shes still full of eggs...hope you let her go
  14. Yep, coho are rare in north shore streams. Sometimes you can have good fishing in late winter/early spring around the river mouths out in the lake fishing for immature coho's but that's about it. Fall stream fishing for salmon is mainly for pinks. They will bite though. Ive caught a lot on small jigs. I usually sight fish as I'm not interested in snagging and like to watch them hit. It can be frustrating as you do see a lot that wont hit but its a numbers thing. Swim your bait by enough and maybe one in twenty will dart over and bite. Sometimes they like it slowly swam above them and sometimes letting it fall two to three inches in front of them seems to get a reaction strike. It also helps to use a little stealth. So many times youll see someone standing right over a pod of fish and complain they wont bite...well ya, they are freaked because your hovering over them. I think they are a lot of fun to sight fish with light tackle and its a pretty area.