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  1. Probably a bit late. About $150 for a 20’x15” plastic double wall culvert, minimum size for Mille Lacs county. $500 for fill and to level with skid loader by Matt’s excavation near Garrison. Ditch was about 18’ wide and around 2’ deep, fill included a 60’x16’x4” deep driveway past the ditch. First call was to the township, fellow came out to the property and was very helpful, got the requirements for local ordinances.
  2. Did a bit of research on that and didn’t find any evidence of anyone getting ticked for exceeding GVWR in a setting other than commercial use, admittedly was mostly looking into half ton compatible truck campers. Thanks for the heads up. Does she know if it was a commercial trailer? I could certainly see the state doing a revenue grab with people licensing their trailer for less than it’s rated
  3. Congratulations! Get it out yet? Which model did you get? Happy so far?
  4. Winter blend sure doesn't help. The 5.7 isn't the most fuel efficient. especially with the 4:30 rear end that is included with the tow package, but sure do like the torque and horse power! Got 11.2 MPG average over about 800 miles pulling the fish house to and from Lake of the Woods the first time, about 10 MPG fighting the wind the last time, which I thought wasn't too bad. Took it to Wisconsin Dells this last winter and got 14 MPG running mostly Interstate HWY, unloaded. All I've done is change the oil and grease the U-joints so far, although I don't put a lot of miles on. Bought it January 2017 with 47,000 miles and as of April 2018 has 51,500.
  5. No I haven’t yet. If I get a chance to weigh it I will post it.
  6. Bought a base model 2011 Toyota Tundra DC back in January 2017 with tow package , 5.7 liter and 47,000 miles. Pulls the fish house as if it is not even back there! Sorry Jeremy, should have posted about my purchase a long time ago. Thanks for your input! Bought the truck after buying a fish house that I originally intended to pull behind my Jeep Liberty. Liberty actually pulled it OK, even appreciated it for earlier ice this year, but glad I got the Toyota for the longer hauls. Made two trips to Lake of the Woods so far. Almost a year and a half in and no compaints.
  7. I realize this is a dead post, since this community has helped me so much I want to follow through with a review. Having put many miles on this fish house hauling my ATV and equipment it is holding up very well. Last summer I replaced the wheel bearings and races, which showed signs of overheating, with new Timkin bearings and races as well as removing, cleaning and greasing the pivot points. Bearings appear to be rated for no less than five thousand pounds, supporting Ice Castles claim about the suspention. From what I can tell, the frame and suspention are the same as what is found on th 8.5x16 models (obviously different dimensions). I really like the arctic package, cedar interior and have been very impressed with the air tight quality of the toy hauler rear door. My only complaint so far is how loud the forced air furnace is while trying to sleep. I don't want to lead anyone to believe ice castle is the best ever made, but I have been happy so far! Now I just want bigger one
  8. .99 cent a pound pork butt At Hy-Vee through march 6th
  9. 6.5x14 mini toy haulers I looked at new generally where running $10,500 to $12,500 depending on options. Only saw a couple used 2011 or newer pop up in the last few months, they where listed about $9500. Seems to be a fair number of older ones that pop up but given there frames and, at least to me, unreasonable price I never looked at them; $6500 - $9000. Mostly just watched Craigs List and called dealers. Keys Power Sports in Owatonna has three in stock. If you call they will give you a different price than their listed MSRP on their web site.
  10. I called Ice Castle. They told me they put 2500# axles on (each side) so the frame is good for 5000#. she explained they are built with the expectation that atvs and such will be hauled in them. As for the tires, they are load range C, from what I gather they are rated for 1820# each. A few hours after I made the post I bought a 2013 6.5 x 14 Mini Toy Hauler. It has the arctic package, cedar interior, electric brakes and extra tall walls that accommodate extra tall ramp door to allow a side by side to fit. I will only be putting a sportsman 600 in, so fully loaded I expect total weight to be around 3500#. There seems to be a big difference between the model 2011 and newer from older models.. Pre 2011s have angle iron frames, tube frames 2011 and later. That's what I am finding, hopefully someone can correct me if i am wrong. Hope I didn't make a bad decision, time will tell. Thank you for the responses.
  11. I am thinking of buying one of these but am concerned about overloading it. House is rated at 2990# and approximate dry weight of 2400#. as soon as i put my atv (800#) in its overloaded, plus the other necessities. It comes with electrics brakes, which I don't believe are required on a trailer under 3000# so my thought was that maybe Ice castle plans this thing to be overloaded and licenses it light to get the permanent registration from the state. I am absolutely no expert on this and would greatly appreciate any advice.
  12. Thanks for the info. I read up on the air pump. From what I can tell Toyota extended the warranty on model years thru 2010 to 10 years or 150,000 miles. Still read reports the problem exists in 2011 and 2012 which are not covered. There is a bypass kit that can be installed, reasonably priced, so maybe the problem isn't a deal breaker. I appreciate the response Jeremy!
  13. Found a Tundra for what looks like a decent price. 2011 double cab sr5 5.7l with 64,000 miles. With a little research I am finding what seems to be a lot of issues with the limp mode and cold weather starting. I read some posts from last year on this site and am wondering if anyone worked through the issues and is satisfied. I like the specs on the truck, towing, cargo capacity, and motor specs but am a bit nervous. Does anyone know if Toyota has resolved these issues? Should I steer clear? Thanks.
  14. Doesn't use any oil. I will have to check on warranty (very good idea, thanks). To update, I cleared the code a second time and it hasn't popped back up yet, after 450 miles of driving this week. May not be much to do until the code comes back? Thank you for the reply Jeremy.
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