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  1. does anyone know where i can purchase some contour maps (printed) for the waubay area...hotspots and navionics etc....
  2. Kodiak

    Auger got abused

    sounds like your "friend" owes you an auger
  3. Kodiak

    Shakopee Area Sporting Goods Store(s)

    isnt there a tackle store on marshall road in the strip mall by the copshop?
  4. Kodiak

    Nils with big motor.

    i turned a adapter on the lathe to mate up my nils auger with my strike lite powerhead..it works great,,i only use it for the real thick ice cause the nils bit is real long no need for an extension
  5. Kodiak

    Thorne Bro Noodle vs DH Customs Noodle Rod

    get a DH seven deuce... top notch construction, great thread work, perfect.
  6. Kodiak

    Nils won't start

    yeah esox!!!? where are you this is a nils post!
  7. Kodiak

    Tips on dealing with the extreme cold

    stay home
  8. Kodiak


    i know dh will be there
  9. Kodiak

    Vexilar Fishphone

    just get a usb 12v adapter and wire into your light batteries in your shack...done.
  10. Kodiak

    mounting hds 7 in atv

    found it,,,ordered it off amazon 1.5" base uses two ubolts instead of one pn RAM-235U
  11. Kodiak

    mounting hds 7 in atv

    i have found the ram ball 1" for the handlebars but not seeing the bigger ball.
  12. Kodiak

    mounting hds 7 in atv

    I have an existing ram mount from my boat, i need to find a base with the medium sized ball 1.5 or 2" that will work on my handlebars,,,has anyone done this.
  13. Kodiak

    Strikemaster leaking gas

    same issue with my robin strike lite...where can i take it get all these issues taken care of?
  14. Kodiak

    Nils Power Ice Augers

    "Up until last year I owned SM augers for nearly 10 years and only needed to replace blades once." i know better than this, i baby my strikemaster and i replace blades at least every 2 years....COMON MAN!! (espn monday night countdown reference)