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  1. snagger

    Deck Staining

    2 years ago I stained my cedar deck for the first time. I was sure to let it sit for a year or so before I stained it. Unfortunately nearly all of the stain pealed off. I think my issue was the fact that some wood has a mill glaze on it and you need to sand it off or the stain won't soak in. So, I now have power washed the entire deck which basically stripped off almost all of the old stain. I then sanded the entire deck. I now plan to take a leaf blower and broom and make sure all the dust, etc. is off it and it's clean. But....I read an article that states that if it rains after you sand a deck that you have to start over and power wash and sand it again. That doesn't make sense to me. Anybody have any experience or advice? Thanks.
  2. snagger

    LOW, Laughing Waters

    We got back yesterday from our trip to Laughing Waters on Long Bay. We had a great time but the fishing was fairly average. My boat had 4 guys and we fished 3-1/2 days and caught 180 walleye. Of those fish only 4 were bigger than 20". Lots of little guys. We fished humps and points in Long Bay, Yellow Girl Bay and various other locations out past the smiley face. I think the weather played a major role in the slow fishing. It was very hot and humid the first 2 days then a major cold front came blowing in and things really slowed down. We still have fun and I would be interested in going back to this area. But, I'd like to do it during a different time of year when the action for bigger fish is better. Does anyone know if early June is good in this area? The drive from our RV park to Yellow Girl is about 45 minutes so I'm also curious if earlier in the spring/summer the fish are closer to the Long Bay area.
  3. Is it cheaper to bring more alcohol, declare it at crossing and pay the duty or just buy extra alcohol in Canada?
  4. snagger

    Fluoro on Spinning Reel

    I've been using the Sniper for about 3 weeks now. I love it. No tangles, no jumping off the spool. I wonder if it helps that I've developed the habit of closing the bale by hand and not just snapping it shut by turning the handle? Anyways........so far so good and I'm glad I tried it.
  5. snagger

    LOW, Laughing Waters

    Awesome! What was the bait of choice for walleye....minnows? Crawlers? Did you fish at all in Long Bay?
  6. snagger

    LOW, Laughing Waters

    Tommy1990.....how did your trip go? Any walleye tips for me? Can't wait to head up on Aug. 14!
  7. snagger

    Crawlers for Canada

    I'm headed to LOW Ontario in 4 weeks. Is there a bait shop in the eastern Twin Cities suburbs that sells flats of crawlers in artificial bedding?
  8. I'm going to LOW and will be staying at the east end of Long Bay. Can anyone confirm if the Woods/Rainy LakeMaster chip includes Long Bay, Regina Bay and Yellow Girl Bay?
  9. snagger

    Fluoro on Spinning Reel

    I bought some 8# Sunline Sniper. It spooled up very nicely on a Pflueger Supreme. I didn't really notice any "jumping" off the spool yet. I'm anxious to try it. But, before I use it I am going to unspool all the line behind the boat and reel it up to make sure any twists are out of it.
  10. snagger

    Fluoro on Spinning Reel

    One of the lakes I fish in W. WI has very clear water. I like using a spinning rod/reel for shaky worm, senkos, etc. I currently have braid on the reel and use a fluoro leader. I'm considering changing the braid to straight fluoro but have heard a fair amount of negative feedback regarding using fluoro on spinning reels. Anyone have any input or advice on this?
  11. snagger

    Curly Pondweed

    Cool. Great advice. Can't wait to try pitching the tubes. Honestly, the only time I use tubes is smallie fishing on the river. I forget to use them for largies.
  12. snagger

    LOW, Laughing Waters

    Thanks for the reply. The resort we are staying at is on the Long Bay side of the Hwy and just west of the LOW houseboat docks. My boat is a 17' Lund with a 90hp so I shouldn't have any issue making the run to Yellow Girl if I need to. It looks like it's about 10-12 miles so if the weather is decent it wouldn't be a bad run. What is the bait of choice typically in late July Aug.? Crawlers and leeches? Can we buy them in Sioux Narrows?
  13. snagger

    Curly Pondweed

    It's that time of year when my favorite bass lake in W. WI is infested with curly pondweed. The biggest problem I have is presenting my bait effectively through curly pondweed. I have yet to find a jig that doesn't collect at least some of the weeds. T-rigged Senkos work ok but they are so slow to fish. T-rigged creatures or worms have been my best bet. It also seems like the bite gets tougher when the weeds are at their peak. My guess is that the bass have so much cover that they don't have to move much and I have difficulty getting a bait at them. Anyone else have this challenge and tricks or tips for success?
  14. In mid-August I'm staying at Laughing Waters just north of Sioux Narrows. I think the adjacent portion of LOW is called Long Bay. I've never been there before and never fished LOW. I've heard rumors that the water in this area of LOW is very clear (lake trout water) and the walleye fishing is difficult unless you put on a lot of miles each day and head west. Can anyone give me a general sense of what to expect from the LOW in this area? We will be primarily fishing walleye but I'd like to catch some nice smallies too. Thanks.
  15. snagger

    Heater Advice

    I've always wanted a wood stove in my stand. The smoke is a natural scent -vs- propane. But, I'm always worried it will be a hassle getting the fire started, stoking it, etc. I may try it in one of my permanent stands and see how I like it. Where is a good place to buy a wood stove at a reasonable price?