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  1. Thanks guys I was wondering about the format? It is tickets drawn that determine the prize winners. I see! That sound like fun. Ok now I get it. The web site is nice and best of luck all!
  2. Hi fellas! They call me Da-Roc. I was in the Chicago area fishing on Lake Michigan. The wind was howling and the snow was flying. I was on a bucket. I was covered with drifting snow and Had to keep my hole open using a bucket turned upside down with a hole in the side and a piece of plexi glass siliconed on the bottom to see my rod inside. I was facing the wind too! Later when I came back on to land a guy said he thought I was da-Roc over derre. Chicago accient! My buddies all call me Da-Roc now. Da-Roc Rocky Martin
  3. Hi Guys how do u use a strike sensor with a frabilt magnetic tip up. Thats the typw thatlooks like a rocket with a tri-pod holding a tube the inner tube pops up when a strike is on? Da-Roc
  4. Hi Rick, The article against taking winter smallies is the In fisherman October-November issue. It is on Page 29. The Smallie after release has problems coming up form depths and In general it relates to there loss of strength in the fight in the winter. That said it is suppose to hurt them during there pre ice out spawn season? It didnt exactly refer to rivers. You have to read the article it is quite extensive and has fishery bioligists telling what there opinions are. I think if you can pull them out in the summer why not winter. So what if they are easier to target. I really dont think they are easy at all! I took the article with a grain of salt, every one has an opinion. Da-Roc
  5. Hi guys! Not trying to be the superfishal one of the bunch but what prizes are given out at these tournaments? I havent found a list of anything at all. I would have to travel about 8-10 hours to come to one of these events and would like to know what I would be fishing for. I have tournaments locally that pay $400 per species for first place and just a little less for second to tenth? After that there are augers and other stuff given out. So what are the prizes given out at I.C.E. events???? Da-Roc
  6. Hi Guys! Don't forget my personal favorite the green sunfish. He's the biggest and meanest of them all. Da-Roc They are 12 inches + down here in Indiana!
  7. Hi Fella's! I have two new ones> The spool mounts have a oval slot now so you can adjust the light and heavy setting on it. The new lights still arent very efective but the unit works well detecting and flagging a hit. The spool is sensitive enough now that I can pan fish with it! In rough weather the tublar design is great and wont give false reads like a blowing flag. I made a piece of styrofoam to fit over the hole and the legs of the tripod keep it in place so now the hole doesnt freeze over easily. I like the two I bought and they are half the price of those other ones.
  8. Hey Guys let me sum it up for all of you! I thought getting a padded bucket seat for christmas was a great thing. The biggest part of me is grateful! If I only had the troubles you guys do! My depth finder is new also its a colored lead weigth on a ol- broken taped up pole. Remember one of those pulley type with white tape on it every ten feet! I think what ever sonar you buy you''ll love it. I know I would cherish it! The only way I know if fish are down there is if I hit it in the head with my depth finder and it floats up. Boy -O- boy I wish I had your troubles. Like my pa told me when I had a quarter at the store when I was a kid// Life is short just pick one you'll be happy! Then he would smile at me and we would go fishing with my new bobber! Da-Roc
  9. Hi fella's! Here's my two cents worth. I keep all the little gills and crappies I can get! Anything over 12 inches and under 5 inches I keep. Walleye I only like 16 to 18 inch walleyes anything under or over goes back. Same thing with northerns at 24 inches. All bass go back Unless they become un healthy from the depths> fishing over 35'deep. All hybrids go back Perch under 6 inch I keep over 10 I send back. Sturgeons all go back eelpouts are to ugly to eat and I kill all carp i see! I only take enough for the garden or the plate. I will use dead gills for bait and chum mix too! Da-Roc Northwestern Indiana
  10. Da-Roc

    Otter Colors

    Hi ! I was wondering how you guys like your otters. I can't get any down in Indiana. No one offers them. I think there design and canvas of the one I did see this year is great. I am starting a guide service just for ice fishing and am wondering if I should go otter for shelters? Da-Roc
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