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  1. Thanks Airjer, I was hoping you would chime in here. Planned on addressing the VCT actuator first, clearing the codes , see how it drives out after that. Sounds easy enough to replace, I'll post a follow up after the repair. Thanks, Don
  2. 2006 Pontiac G6 with 2.4L ecotech and auto trans. 1st ) transmission : very harsh engagement into drive or reverse, and harsh upshifts. No trans DTC present. Can fluid pressure switch fail and not generate a code ? How long should this take to replace ? 2nd ) P0114 code indicating exhaust VCT actuator problem. Don't have access to a labor guide today, how long should this take ? Many years or auto repair exp, just haven't done one yet and don't know how much of the day I should allow. Thanks for any responses ! Don
  3. Shappell does have a web site, if you go there you will find they have skis available for just that purpose. I have not used them myself, but they should help. Don
  4. not knowing what kind of boat you have, or how it is laid out, is it possible that the dent in the bottom of your boat is the bottom of the gas tank ? In which case, the bottom of the tank is now pushed up against the fuel pickup tube, restricting fuel to the engine. Is the engine carb or efi ? Don .
  5. I just use ant & roach spray. Raid, I believe, but I think that most any all purpose insect killer will work. Don.
  6. I got a generic brand for mine through the Marcum HSOforum. What kind are those you find locally or at Fleet Farm ? Are they a Marcum branded product or generic as well ? Would like to find a genuine Marcum if there is one for the VX-1, I've seen them for the LX-2. Don
  7. I use two different knots here. I use the " Arbor Knot " to attach the backing line to the spool. I use the " Uni - Knot " to join the backing to the braided line . Wish I could post pix and instructions. I'm sure you could google this topic and get more info. Don
  8. you have been 'chosen' .... and we are your family now. come, my child ...... do not be afraid.
  9. Hey Lwn, I'll take this off your hands @ $ 300.00. Provided it is still available. I'm not far away, just email me, we can work out the details. Thanks, Don
  10. Hey Perchjerker, what do you think of the stow and deploy of your Terrova ? It is supposed to be improved and easier to use. Is it as easy as they claim ? Don
  11. hey matty, never know, we may try there again some time. Don
  12. I paid about $ 125.00 in 2002. For a 13" Shorelander trailer wheel, styled steel, load range C, radial tire. Don
  13. yeah, TNFL. If you mean the far north end. Went into the creek a little, as well as that whole north bay out to about 8 feet deep there. I just don't think it has been warm long enough yet. Give it another week or so.... Don
  14. Can't say horrible about mine. Sweet motor in my opinion. Smooth , quiet 4 stroke, pushes my 16.5' Crestliner fishing boat at 37 mph. Nothing about it being a bigfoot motor has been an issue. Don
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