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  1. Hanson thanxs for the info. My partner is stuck on devils lake, but Im leaning for a trip to LOW. Fished it 2 yrs ago. amazing trip . Thanxs again.
  2. We still love yall down here. No matter what your doin to the CUBS,
  3. What's the best time to get into some of those big ole Brown's and so on? I just seen your web ,nice fish. I would like to bring the wife . But I have 0 poles for salmon . All I fish for is wally's Cat's and crappie. I'm just 3 hrs from CHI town and never fished the big pond. If your not too booked drop me a line at [email protected] or (309) 647-1379 DOESNT ANYONE FISH NO MO
  4. My fishing buddie just got back from a trip to your great state. He caught a boat load of pike a few real nice ones too. We were planning a trip for the hard water . We would like to get into those jumbos, and some eyes would be a major bonus. Whats the best time to come up? I was told late Jan, is there any truth to that?Also any opinion on a guide would be greatly app. It is a 16 hr drive so we are planning well ahead. Thanxs and hope to see ya soon.
  5. I seen it in the nafc mag just wondering if anyone has this yet. and how it preforms for them.
  6. Hey marty 4 hrs south of chicago. Im from the peoria area check out the trading post or the thrifty nickel. You can find just about anything you need in any one. Also look at the Illinois adventure mag. Tons of used motors from dealers in there. You can picck one up at your local bait shop free of charge . Good luck, and tight lines..
  7. Fished the main lake at Banner Marsh last monday. caught some real nice crappies. 7 to 9 foot deep. We went back to a shallow cove and threw some spinners slow rolling across a shallow flat and wham my partner boats a 8 pound 2 ounce bass What a monster It just inhaled that spinner .We burnt up a roll of film on her and tossed her back .What a way to finish the day. The only bad thing about it . Is it should of been me Ill never live it down we'll keep you guys posted on my perrils of fishing this year
  8. Grinched have you ever fished the Illinois river for sauger? Excellant fishery. My friend is fishing the Gov's cup this weekend. I went with him last weekend pre fishing we boated over 20 Three of these fish were over 22". Nice fat footballs We fished from starved rock down to the flats in hennepin. River temp was at 41. Now with the rain we had Im sure things will be changed. But they are getting close to the spawn and a guy ccan really knocck some nice fish . March is a big tourny month, so expect some company. If you have never fished it I would highly recomend it. One word Awsome. Good luck on the Kank.
  9. Hello to all; I'm relocating from southern Ill, to the Duluth area. I was wondering on places to grind some ducks n geese. Are there any state supported areas that allocate a person a blind for the season? Down here we have a draw on the last Sunday of July . If you get drawn you have a blind for the entire season.Then you must claim your spot before 5:00 am every morning or it goes to a stand by draw,as to give non blind owners a chance at some birds. Bunch of questions I'll try and keep it short. How's the goose hunting? are you pretty much limited to getting a lease or joining a club? If so what is the average prices on a pit. Or do you just use lay out blinds? Same for the ducks state area or lease? Down here we have a ton of flooded timber and corn, and a lot of it is publicc access. Also have the clubs from 1500.00 to 5000.00 depending on where you want to shoot.Also a daily fee of 50.00 to 150.00 per person.I've been shooting birds pert near 40 yrs now . Its going to be hard to leave this old river bottom, but the outdoor opportunities seem endless in your great state. Looking forward to grinding some green heads with ya Thanks to all who reply. (Shoot em in the Lips)
  10. icebum1

    Power augers

    Thanks for all the info everyone. Leaning to the Eskimo shark. brava - pesca I'll be going to the Duluth area.Ought da have plenty a ice up der ya you betch ya. I dont know if thats how you guys do it but had to give it a shot.(lol). Thanks again and looking forward to the move.
  11. icebum1

    Power augers

    Walleyhawk; Thanks for the welcome. I have family in the Mankato area ,everytime I come to visit it gets harder to return home.So many outdoor opportunities, it should be great. I spend alot of hours on the ice when we have it so looking for somthing that can handle some abuse. Thanks for the input. Maybe I'll run into some of you guys sometime.
  12. icebum1

    Power augers

    I'm relocating from south central Ill, never had a reason for a power auger 14''s of ice is a lot down here, so I just use the lazer hand auger. Looking to buy one just wondering on prices and the different styles. Any info would be great.
  13. I wish someone would take us to the river, and drop us in the water.
  14. I woul have to say Mayberry RFD
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