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  1. I knew a guy like you once. He ended up dying a grumpy lonely old man. Life is to short to think you are entitled to everything in life and be as someone else stated, be a donkey. Lighten up a bit and you might actually find out it is quite nice to have friends.
  2. mn_al

    Warming Fire

    my mother used to build a smallfire when she got cold. she usually shot her deer while getting warm from that fire too. fire happens in nature and i think deer are inquisitive to that smell. now smoking cigs is a different smell, but i have shot many deer while smoking. i will let you know how this year goes as i have quit smoking for 11 months now and will see if i see a difference.
  3. mn_al

    "Shooting" the day before opening day?

    where i live, just off the indian reservation, the natives get to start hunting the week before our opener. by just off the reservation, i mean, less than a mile. i say if they start shooting a week ahead of time, the deer will feel safer around my place without people shooting at them for a week. i have watched deer in the woods when people are shooting and most of the time they just stand there anyway, they must bee poor shots and the deer know it.
  4. mn_al

    clip capacity

    I use a 303 british and it has a 10 shot clip. I usually only need one but is nice to not have to carry extra shells around all season. Just because you have that many shells doesnt mean you need to use them if you are sighted in correctly.
  5. mn_al

    AIS sticker location

    nice they spend all this time and money on this and now say they want something different. i think i will keep a sticker in my boat and when they stop to check me i can tell them to bend over so i can put it where the sun dont shine..enough already
  6. mn_al

    Invasive Species Decal

    I just bought a boat and was told nothing at the DMV on this. I understand the problem with the invasive species but this is big brother at its finest. Maybe we should all quit boating and fishing for a year to show them our money is our money not theirs. Greedy SOB's. Another issue is that the bait trappers get the minnows from one lake or pond and then we are responsible for changing water? Give me a break.
  7. mn_al


    was out on leech the last couple days...30" once you got out there, but rough at the shore line. went to a couple lakes by park rapids yesterday and today and maybe 15 inches on them...wont be long now...watched one guy drive out today and watched him drop the front end in at the access when he was coming off...dont be dumb..dont drive on lakes anymore!!!!
  8. mn_al

    How many lines do you have down?

    ha ha...did you hear about Wisc. and Mn having a war?...Wisconsinites were throwing hand grenades across the border to Mn, Minnesotans were pulling the pins and throwing them back....LOL...I couldnt help it
  9. mn_al

    attaching reels to poles

    I use electrical zip ties and then electrical tape.
  10. mn_al

    Brand new Nils 6" hand auger will not drill

    I saw one once that came from the factory with the blades upside down actually...check to see which way the bevel of the edge is...make sure the side with more bevel to it is top. i know this seems strange...but i have seen it.
  11. mn_al

    Exhaust gunk

    WD-40 works for a lot more than people think....always my #1 go to.
  12. mn_al

    Positive review of Fat Fish 9416 house

    I am also very pleased with my eskimo fat fish 949(uninsulated). Would not think twice about buying another one. Fast easy set up and take down..it's awesome!!
  13. mn_al

    Mora Ice Auger Blade Exchange

    try delaneys sports in park rapids...they exchange
  14. mn_al

    Best way to keep a 8 man shelter warm

    the fat fish has vents...open them instead of your windows....hey theres an idea...thats what they are for.
  15. Eskimo does make a patch kit...2 12inch x 12 inch pieces...$12...then ya need to buy the spray adhesive to get a good job. cut the patch to the size ya need and have some for the next mishap.