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  1. Trump34

    6" vs 8" kdrill

    I have both the 6" and 8" I prefer the 8" if I'm stationary like in a wheel house. The 6" is a clear winner for hole hopping. It drills faster with less resistance offering you more holes with equal batteries. You will really enjoy it.
  2. Trump34

    Electric Trailer Jacks

    It is a production house but not a Ice Cabin. I prefer not to mention the brand at the current time. Still waiting for another reply from the manufacturer of the house. Initially I talked to them and they hadn't been able to replicate the problem and didn't have a solution. Time will tell. I will be using the house again this weekend and my 30 pack of 30 amp fuses just showed up.. armed and ready.
  3. Trump34

    Electric Trailer Jacks

    VTX, I will try that. Thank you.
  4. Trump34

    Electric Trailer Jacks

    It sounds like I'm kind of on the right track. Each jack has a 25 amp internal circuit breaker that is supposed to trip when overloaded and auto reset within 15 seconds. The same guage wire was used from the panel as the pigtail from the jack(looks like 10 guage). It is a little puzzling to me that it has never tripped internally and blows the 30 amp fuse in the panel instead. This is a problem with all 3 jacks so maybe it is an issue with the panel? Thank you for the replies.
  5. Trump34

    Electric Trailer Jacks

    I have a wheel house with electric trailer jacks. Blowing fuses seems to be the theme when they are cold or bind slightly while retracting fully. I'm getting sick of buying fuses and having to replace them. My plan is to put an inline 30 amp circuit breaker in the cubby that the jacks are in. This would allow to to flip a switch versus having to replace a fuse each time. Would I need a slightly larger(maybe 35 amp) fuse in the panel?
  6. Trump34

    Fishing sled

    Check your local ski shop for a pair of used down hill skis. Most shops have older used skis that they are very cheap or free.
  7. Trump34

    K Drill, How They Doing?

    Update... Went down to the river and re-drilled 7 holes and it worked flawlessly...my 10 YO was able to re-drill 2 holes and drill 2 fresh holes by himself. It did get away from him on the first attempt but didn't take him long to figure it out. To put it in his words... "Dad, this thing is fricken awesome"
  8. Trump34

    K Drill, How They Doing?

    24 holes... 28 inches of ice. I got 650 inches on the first two batteries and finished off the last hole with the battery that had been on the charger for 7 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes to completely charge a battery. Even hole hopping you should never run out of juice. I also left the batteries outside for 2 hours at +14 before using them. I cleared each hole about 3 times and it did spray a few chips. The way the auger is designed you get very little if any water above the ice. If you are careful the only thing you would have to deal with are a few dry shavings. I'm extremely pleased and impressed with the way it performed.
  9. Trump34

    K Drill, How They Doing?

    Thank you for the heads up. I was lucky enough to notice the adapter when I ordered the auger. Got it together and testing tonight.
  10. Trump34

    K Drill, How They Doing?

    I just got my 6" K Drill yesterday and have to pick up my Milwaukee drill at UPS tonight. I paired it with a Clam drill plate for added convenience and to take some of the pressure off the drill. My plan is to test it tomorrow afternoon and see what it will do with 2 fully charged batteries. When the first battery dies I will charge it while drilling and swap it out immediately when the second one dies. I'm hoping to get 300" on each fresh battery and finish of the last hole with the first battery. I will give you a report ASAP.
  11. Trump34

    Navionics Phone App

    Open the app and in the top left corner there is a search function. Click on that and type in Lake of the Woods. It will take you to the lake and then you can navigate around from there. I have the US and Canada app and it worked for me.
  12. Trump34

    Securing a reel

    Thank you for all the great ideas. I ended up using a foam shelf liner that is somewhat sticky on both sides and compressed very well. I have enough material leftover to do about 2160 more.
  13. Trump34

    Securing a reel

    I like the bands and want to continue to use them. My problem is the finish on the handle allows the reel to slide slightly when fighting a fish. I'm looking for some type of material to put between the reel and the handle that would prevent this. Has anyone found something that works well? If possible it should be removable and not damage the finish
  14. Trump34

    Best way to light a portable?

    These work well in a flip over style house when you can position the lights directly over the holes on one of the poles. I tried to make it work in my hub style house with 4 people in it. There was no good way to position it without 2 People having significant shadows. I haven't found a good solution yet but I'm working on it.
  15. Trump34

    Tips keeping minnows in garage

    Most heating pads have an auto shut off at 60 minutes or so. That might be a pain to deal with.