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  1. Yes, at the heater end of the hose. Change it every 2 to 3 seasons whether it needs it or not.
  2. Do the cleaning others have suggested. Just an FYI, this will be the 11th season I've used my Buddy heater with a 20# tank and I have never had an issue. I did have to clean it once when I had a weak pilot light. What I do to prevent problems is keep a small plastic bag over the end of the hose whenever it's not in use (the hose is kept attached to the heater) and when I put it away for the season, I put it in a big trash bag and seal the bag as tight as I can get it. It's a little bit of a PIA, but I'm convinced it's why I don't have the problems I see so many guys have every year. Hope this helps.
  3. I'm definitely heading out for muzzy! I much prefer muzzy hunting to firearm. In fact, I've carried my muzzy a couple times during firearm season. This year my buddy and I are trying a new area up by Bigfork. On a side note, I had my muzzy out to the range Wednesday. These almost 70 year old eyes just aren't what they used to be; even the fiber optic sights are getting fuzzy now. I'm thinking I may have to finally break down and put a scope on the old girl. That's going to just about kill me to put a scope on a sidelock.
  4. As I think about it, my interpretation of 2 layers thick was probably not correct. It's a uniformly distributed load that's assumed. So if the 10PSF is correct and 4.25 PSF is used up, then there's 5.75PSF left to work with. That means a straight calculation of 64 SF(an 8x8 platform) x 5.75 PSF = 368 pounds total spread mostly evenly over the whole platform. If stuff starts getting piled up in one area, then that creates a concentrated load; that's when my brain starts to hurt!! BTW, there are always factors of safety built in to structural design, but you probably don't want to get into those....for safety. BTW, me and electrons don't get along
  5. It's been a while since I've reviewed truss diagrams, but I think the design load for the bottom chord of a standard truss was something like 10 PSF unless a higher load for attic storage was specified. That's why you need to find out what the design load is because things add up in a hurry. 1/2" plywood weighs around 1.5 PSF and 5/8" sheetrock weighs 2.75 PSF. That's a total of 4.25 PSF with just the ceiling and floor. So you've used up almost half of your capacity already. Personally, I wouldn't do it unless I knew for sure what the design loading was and that it was designed for attic loading. Edit: Oops, just saw that you mentioned 2 layers of plywood, so that makes your total load 5.75 PSF.
  6. Most of the time I drive my Ford Taurus. I don't have any issues as long as there isn't more than about 4" snow and not much drifting. And where I go there's a couple rental houses and the guy keeps a pretty well-maintained road. Almost the bigger issue many times is the condition of the approach onto the lake. The approach can get beat up pretty good to where I worry about ground clearance and tearing something out. I ALWAYS carry a scoop shovel. Once it starts looking dicey, I drive the 4WD SUV that has some ground clearance. BTW, I have a 4' x 8' suitcase style Canvas Craft portable that's 4' x 4' when folded. That won't fit in the car, so I'm always pulling a light trailer.
  7. That was exactly the reason I went with the AprilAire humidifier with the outside temperature sensor. With the outside sensor, it truly is "set & go"; I know me well enough that I wouldn't be running to the furnace and constantly changing the setting. It cost more money, but it really does work well. BTW, the furnace burners don't have to be firing; as long as the furnace fan is running, the humidifier is running.
  8. Oh-oh, don't like hearing that! I bought a few of the cheap R-20 LED's for 2 of our recessed cans. They've only been in for about a month. I've heard of fluorescents going bad slightly sooner by turning them on and off, but not LED's.
  9. I just had an Aprilaire 600A installed yesterday. It's fully automatic with humidistat and outside air temperature sensor, because I know from experience I won't change settings as the outside air temp changes. We shall see how well it works.
  10. Same for me, although I have a small stone with the groove in my winter box that I use once in a great while. I started working part time a week before I turned 16, went to full time after I was out of school (including 2 years active duty in army) and retired at age 62. That was MORE than enough working for me!!
  11. I've had really good luck when they're finicky by just slowly dropping the jig 1/4" to 1" when I see the spring twitch. Then, when it twitches again or the line goes slightly slack, I set the hook. Works very well when they're just "sniffing" the jig. BTW, the spring bobber I use is just a very thin wire. So thin, in fact, that about every dozen fish or so I have to bend it back to it's original shape. The only place I have found the kind I like is at Wayzata Bait.
  12. Yep, strictly spring bobbers for me. And I still hand-over-hand it with the old jig sticks that you wrap the line around. Guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks!
  13. Looks like next week is going to be a great week for making ice with lows below zero every day in the Cities. After that I'm expecting to have enough ice to walk on. Time to get my gear out of storage and get it ready to go. BTW, the web cam at Harty's on Medicine Lake shows ice for as far as the camera goes.
  14. I know it used to be that an antlerless permit was good for both firearm and ML; I know because I called DNR and asked. I don't see that the laws have changed in looking at the regulations. HOWEVER, my nephew and I hunt both firearms and ML and what was weird this year was that my nephew got TWO permits in the mail with his two licenses. I haven't seen the two permits side by side, but he swears they're identical. I know lottery area means only one deer, period, so maybe they are looking at the two seasons separately for permits. I should add that we moved out of the lottery area and into a Hunter Choice area, so it doesn't matter now, but I may send an e-mail to DNR when we get back to find out what's up. Edit: they normally spotlight changes at the front of the regulations and I don't recall ever seeing that spotlighted as a change.
  15. Not sure that would be a good idea for me. I can hear my nephew now: "I don't know what happened officer. I thought I saw antlers on an orange buck sitting in a tree with a rifle. Well, yes, I am in his will." He has always said I was his seventh favorite uncle [of 7]. LOL!!!!
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