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  1. I think the key is not to get sucked into the "pre-ice fever". This is easier said than done, but I've found that shopping online or waiting until spring when they are clearing out the ice gear is usually the way to save money. YMMV.
  2. http://www.startribune.com/local/east/299874271.html?page=1&c=y It's sad to see that some people lose sight of what fishing is truly about. Maybe someone here can help provide information on the perps.
  3. Vitreus

    Best headlamp?

    That's it, thanks!
  4. Someone posted a great review a while back, recommending a good HL, but I can't recall what the model was. Anyway, I'm in the market for something top-shelf. Any recs?
  5. I should know as I replaced it all last year (junk). If you can't figure it out call strike master in Big Lake. Really helpful shop.
  6. Flasher. No question. Immediate readout on what's beneath you. Camera is fun, but a PITA and can spook fish.
  7. Get yourself a UV flashlight if you want to light up those lures like a Christmas tree. Hardware stores usually have them $5 or so.
  8. Well I just got back from Banff/Jasper. It was absolutely beautiful up there if you got away from the insane crowds. Not difficult as most tourists will hike a max of 2 miles My girlfriend and I fished in a few places. Mostly the Bow river and its tributaries. I did hear mention of the flood when talking to some of the locals. It seems the water and storms blew down a lot of trees and made some of the better areas inaccessible. With regards to the size of fish, I would have to agree with him. Most were small, as in the length of my hand, with a gem or two thrown in. The water was also quite stained which made spotting difficult, but also made it easier to sneak up on target areas. We caught browns, rainbows, brookies, cutthroat, and a few bulls. Bottom line, I won't be running back there any time soon just to fish. But for the view, Banff is hard to beat Just make sure to watch your back… You may not be the only one fishing.
  9. Vitreus

    What Species?

    Figured it out.
  10. Vitreus

    What Species?

    Just wondering what species this is at 1:45.
  11. Made this post and forgot to check back on it. Let me know if you figure anything out!
  12. Any good fishing opportunities up there? I'll be heading up at the end of July!
  13. That does help. I'll give them a call. I pass through the cities often. Thank you!
  14. Does anybody know where I can find these, or know of an alternative darter-style jig that is similar? Can't seem to find the jigs without buying the 2-packs with plastic attached, and at $1.50 a jig, its just way too much for the number of these I use.
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