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  1. BertBuddy

    Hawk Lake Ontario

    I am curious about Hawk Lake in Ontario. I was thinking to get a fishing trip to this lake going in the fall of 2018 but cant seem to find too much information on the lake. Is there public access on the lake? I tried contacting Hawk Lake Lodge and they are an all inclusive resort and we don't need all the amenities of that kind of trip but the lake seems like a fun one and just wondering if we could fish it on our own without dishing out $440/per person /per night. Just curious if anyone has any knowledge of the lake and other opportunities to access the lake. Thanks!
  2. BertBuddy

    Trail cam mystery?

    No feet!
  3. BertBuddy

    Share your Favorite Ice fishing Photos

    24.5" LoW 22" LoW View from the outside Reaping the benefits One if the coolest LoW walleyes I caught all year, I should get a replica made into a keychain! And a lens flare sunset
  4. BertBuddy

    Hummingbird 385 ci

    I bought one of these last year and love it, the features that you have for ice fishing are phenomenal plus the GPS works extremely well. I have used it on LoW, Lake Bemidji, Up North by Ely, MN and many rivers, and most of the water ways come on the unit stock. no additional chip needed unless you want to get water depths. I also have the transducer for the boat and that works really well. It is nice to have one unit for both summer and winter. It also has the nice flasher feature but I find myself using the scrolling bottom view more often because it gives you a "history" of what has happened. Makes spotting those walleyes that don't come off bottom a little easier because you can tell that bottom got "shallower" I have also gotten two of my buddies to buy it after letting them borrow mine for a weekend. Plus the zoom feature is pretty cool
  5. BertBuddy

    Wheel house axle springs

    I have tried this also, it seems I can't find a torsion stub shorter then 16" and then you want to add a wall in there, the best I could come up with was leaving just over 4' in the inside between the wheel wells. The nice thing about springs is that they are thin and easy to replace if something breaks, where a torsion, you have to replace they whole thing and they are really long
  6. BertBuddy

    Tips to stay warm

    We bring some rubber mats from the garage floor to help keep our feet warm and off of the direct contact of the ice
  7. Just sharing what I did here with LEDs. I will try and get better pictures and a better video to show just how bright it is in there, but these LED strips pull very low amps . 2 - DigiKey LEDs Part Number 365-1000-ND 1 - DigiKey LEDs Part Number 524PB-ND Wired the LEDs to the 12v battery out of my riding lawn mower. Here is the final result. We were up on LoW last weekend and didn't even realize it had gotten dark outside around 5:30 PM
  8. BertBuddy

    carpet or no carpet?

    I personally would go carpet. I have had both, one with a vinyl floor (extra from a bathroom) and another with a boat carpet. The boat carpet was the way to go and since it was a marine carpet it dried very well, even in the cold (no fans in the house). If you do carpet I would definitely go with a marine grade. Although I might be partial because the vinyl wasn't very good, just got too slippery with the snow and ice on it
  9. BertBuddy

    What you get by asking what

    Yea, but like all things, even the government most things are answered better during a debate when people can come in from far off differences to discuss what they think is better, yes pis n matches happen a lot but it is part of figuring out which is better, if people didn't argue for a product it probably isn't a very good one
  10. BertBuddy

    Northern Fishing LoW

    Yea that is what i was hearing but i was hoping that it would still be around. Maybe we will get a bunch of cold weather instead
  11. BertBuddy

    Northern Fishing LoW

    I am planning on going to LoW the weekend of April 1st, to do some Northern fishing. I have never done this before, what do you guys think I need, or I will forget. I am thinking I will just use tip ups, but is there a rod you think i should use? Thanks for any advice in advance =)
  12. Does anybody have any maps of Lake of the Woods and free public accesses? I am new to the area and looking to start summer and winter fishing this lake more this year and looking for maps where I can get onto the lake, but my google search didn't return any useful results. Anyone have any good spots they like??
  13. BertBuddy

    Shagawa Lake walleyes

    Wow settle down, please reread my comment and notice the sarcasm.... sheesh... get off your ice frozen butt and learn some human skills
  14. BertBuddy

    Shagawa Lake walleyes

    He lies... I was out last weekend for 5 hours sitting at stinky ditch and didn't get a bite. Oh well, I know usually the fishing is good on this lake but not for me that weekend