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  1. 503 appears like numbers are down. Not sure what is going on. Seems like it has been pretty windy though. Maybe that's a factor.
  2. I love this site because I can spread the truths about the best fishing bait known to man... Pickled Eggs that have been marinating in beet juice! You name the species, they will eat it up. Just remember no yolk!
  3. Hey Stizoler, were you ever able to track down that beast? I heard knocking in the woods the other night after midnight and remember this thread...
  4. Nope not at all. I only "need" one deer per season and that is what I take. Gonna pound the first decent sized deer I see. Antlers or not, spikes or not. I don't have enough time to be picky!
  5. Get your sweatshirts and long pants ready! Gonna be COLD!!!!
  6. Fish will most likely but shut off too!
  7. Sounds like the polar vortex is coming back next week. Gonna be cold for July! I've been seeing this pattern all year...
  8. Very sweet looking blind! Thanks for sharing the information. I plan on working on one in the next month or so.
  9. I hear pickled eggs work great!
  10. I've got pickled eggs for sale. Cheap! Bass luv em!!!!
  11. Any pictures? Just trying to get ideas.
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