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  1. Do you have your helmet on?
  2. Never done any type of maintenance to mine, nor have i thought of it. But now that you mention it I wonder what kind of effect ski wax would have on the runners?
  3. Love mine, use it on my trekker deluxe. I would suggest hyfax runners on your shack tho, helps the shack pull/track better IMO
  4. How many flippin post will there be on this, talk about a topic beat into the ground.
  5. It's just frustrating, getting nickeled and dimed. Did they finally say how much it cost?
  6. I use a product called the bottom bucket, keeps my minnows alive for weeks on weeks, it's paid for itself multiple times over.
  7. either method works good, running the the tank dry for storage or leaving gas in it with additive in the gas like stabil, which I'm assuming you didn't put in your tank. sounds like you have a clogged jet. id suggest cleaning the carb or if all else fails get a new carb.
  8. check out the red door on the north side, good reports coming from over there.
  9. Anyone have a good one they wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks
  10. I keep the heat on in the shack, no need to drill
  11. I have an ice castle that is 7 years old, nothing wrong with it and its been a great house. But when it's time for a new one I'm going with Yetti, I like the idea behind the aluminum construction.
  12. Why even bother taking it? They can't fine you for not having the sticker.
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