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  1. Moved 800 miles south for this!!!!! Can't even get enough ice to fish on but man can it snow! Oh well, have 2 out of 3 sleds running so let 'er buck!
  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the "Ice Thing" at Mozingo Finns. The 3.5 " of snow we got Wed. covered the brown that was starting to show a lot of places. Not much moisture in it though and already starting to settle down. Should let me put a few miles on the sleds this W/E though. Fish or ride...fish or ride...?
  3. Promised to post, so here it is, for what it's worth. Walked out on Mozingo from west side 220th St. Ramp. Drilled as I went and found from 6" down to less than 3" of good clear ice. The 3" was not to my liking so stopped exploring when I found it. Deepest I found was 9' or so and fished for a little bit with no action. Did mark a couple of decent fish and could get them to follow but no takers. Thought I would try a good sized pond that might have better ice. Started drilling and found 4 - 6" of foam ice with no more than 2" of clear below. Not my kind of ice! As much as I want to fish, I prefer to live to fish another day!
  4. Thanks for the reply 19, I lived in SW Iowa & SE NE for my 1st 40 years and northern MN for the last 10 but I gotta say, I'm not transitioning back to this lattitude very well. It's only been 2 months though and not rushing to judgement. So it was a NO to sledding on the lake,eh? Guess they gotta catch me first LOL! Does that go for 4-wheelers also? Kinda sounds like we need to get an ICE BUS trip to LOW started. Not sure I can get away from the new job quite yet but I will be on the Rainy River for ice-out sows April 1! I plan to be on Mozingo Friday & will post my results!
  5. Just moved down from Minnesota/Canada border & hoping to get info on Mozingo or Bilby. Have all this ice gear from Lake of the Woods fishing and hate to not use it! If any body can fill me in on presentation, depth, structure, that kinda thing, would really appreciate it. Used to having hundreds of guys monitoring and sometimes getting "too much" feedback but would settle for anything here. Thanks!
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