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  1. Thanks Jeremy I replaced the flasher module but did not change. I then replaced the brake switch and that was it. When I unplugged the switch one of the terminals came out with the plug which indicated something was wrong in there. Thanks again
  2. A couple of months ago cruize control would not work. I tracked it down to brake light fuse #12. Worked fine for a month or so then it happened again and again until recently it happens everytime I drive it and I think it blows when I brake and use the turn signal. I have removed the trailer fuses #4, 50, 51 to rule out the trailer connector and bulbs are fine. Any suggestions to where to go next would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Fox1

    2005 Envoy 4.2 L

    It turned out to be a lazy o2 sensor. It checked out fine except a little slow when I would remove it from the heat. Replaced it and the MIL has not returned. Thanks all, for your help.
  4. Fox1

    2005 Envoy 4.2 L

    Thanks thopkins, Considering the weather today it will be a few days before I get back to it. I'll let you know how I come out.
  5. This is the third time I have posted with the same problem: MIL with a code P0410 secondary AIR injection system malfunction. It started last spring, with your help I determined it was the pump. Replaced the pump and everything was fine until about 6 weeks ago same code. Pump was OK and I determined it was the relay and replaced. Went for about 3 weeks same code. Checked the check valve did not function and replaced. Almost immediately same code. Pump works when I jumper the relay. Relay works when I apply 12 volts. Cleaned the contacts where the relay plugs in. The check valve clicks when I apply 12 volts so I am assuming those three components are functioning properly. I checked the switching voltage to the relay zero. The two fuses and relay for the AIR sys are OK. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  6. Fox1

    2005 Envoy 4.2 6 cyl

    Well it ended up to be the solinoid. At least when I shorted out the solinoid I got a full 12.5 volts at the blower connection. The solinoid cost $41 with tax so if that is it I am happy. The test will be to see if the MIL comes back on after a few trips. Thanks all for your help.
  7. Last spring I got some help here, I had a MIL on with a P0410 code (secondary air inj. sys failure). With Airjer's help I determined it was the pump and I replaced it and everything was fine. A couple of days ago the MIL came on again with the same code. I have not checked the check valve I would have to remove it to apply voltage. So I removed the pump and applied 12 volts and it runs. Checked the voltage at the connector under the car and it's only 2.0 volts. I can not find a fuse or relay labeled AIR pump, smog pump or anything I recognize. Any help would be appreciated.