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  1. Please see the attached which can be used as a guide for how much propane you may need for a long trip or how often you may need to refill. Happy fishing! 20 LB PROPANE USAGE ESTIMATOR.pdf 11 LB PROPANE USAGE ESTIMATOR.pdf 5 LB PROPANE USAGE ESTIMATOR.pdf 1 LB PROPANE USAGE ESTIMATOR.pdf
  2. GotALunker

    Accessing "private" lakes

    When searching up in the Grand Rapids area, it's common to come across lakes that are either partially or entirely surrounded by private property. Does this make the lake a "private" lake? Also, any suggestions for navigating through the USDA forest and accessing lakes with no access? Any other thoughts on getting to lakes with good potential but appear to be "unreachable".
  3. GotALunker

    CORE-ICE House

    I thought they were pretty decent and no different than an open layout house where you use cots to sleep. I love innovation like this. nice house for sure.
  4. GotALunker

    Expedition brand

    I don't normally do this but I bought a rod/reel combo from the big C. Usually I think the combos are WAY over priced for what you get. This one was Expedition brand. They looked pretty good quality, so I brought one home. Mistake. The reel absolutely refused to spool evenly. the line looked like an upside down mountain. Brought it back a bit disappointed but oh well.
  5. GotALunker

    Black Betty ice reels

    primarily interested in hearing about the smaller one...not the 6061
  6. GotALunker

    Black Betty ice reels

    Looking for some thoughts on these reels. Do you like them? Do you have any issues?
  7. GotALunker

    your favorite way of transporting rods?

    forget all this talk about otter rod cases and such. pull out your hardside plastic gun case and use that. I use a single and it will hold 6 rods - albiet a bit snug - so a double gun case would be better. Go to your local farm and fleet store and pick one up for under $40.
  8. GotALunker

    Dead fish being found along shores

    dead northerns on a local lake near zimmerman as well
  9. GotALunker

    Water temps where you are.

    lakes in the elk river/zimmerman area were sitting at 85 last weekend
  10. GotALunker

    Ice fishing cant come soon enough

  11. GotALunker

    Now it's Frabill and Plano

    ya, but plano and frabill never were in direct competition. the way I see it, maybe plano can bring a better quality frabill product to i never really did care for their products. I've always thought frabil products were just inferior to other products one could buy.
  12. GotALunker

    Felony Conviction for Contest Cheater

    good to see he got his comeuppance...what a d-bag!
  13. GotALunker

    So much ice fishing gear still on the store websites

    Exactly! I don't remember ever seeing this either. Was just there yesterday and there are some deals to be had depending on what you're looking for, but discounts aren't too dramatic. Expect to see the same inventory in the fall at regular prices again though.
  14. GotALunker

    Spotlight recommendations?

    Hail you flashlight king! (you like my garage logic reference? love that show!) Anyway, I'm in the market for a spotlight, and I'm looking for your thoughts on a good one to get. I don't really want to spend a ton of money as it wont probably get used very often so I'm thinking in the 30-50 dollar range... I'm not sure on a minimum of candlepower either or if I even need to be concerned about that... basically I'll use it for navigation at night on lakes I'm not familiar with where there might be buoys or other obstructions involved.
  15. GotALunker

    StrikeMaster in Big Lake

    x-acto-mondo, they went to minnetonka