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  1. Hello all, my sister in law is coming this weekend to stay for awhile. she is bringing with her boyfriend who is visiting here with a visa from Australia I am just wondering if anyone knows if he would be able to buy a non resident fishing license so I can take them out ice fishing. thanks.
  2. mod will work great. its all I use for jump shooting decoy hunting and pass shooting. switched from xperts to federal last year will never go back to xperts
  3. Most of the doves have already left the area that I hunt. Did well opener went out again tuesday morning and last night managed 5 between the two hunts. Did not see near the number of birds. However in a few weeks depending on the weather you may have another chance at some doves. should be more migrating down.
  4. Headed to the inlaws this weekend and would like to do some grouse hunting. no way of getting out of going lol. So does anyone have some pointers for places to do some walking? I know there are a lot of four wheeler trails. does anyone know if these are open for public hunting?
  5. alright thanks. thats how I interpret the regulations also.
  6. Does anyone know if you can use a robo duck in a WPA I can not find anything about it online or in the regulations
  7. Does anyone duck hunt gull lake? I always see quite a few ducks out there just not to sure where a good spot to set up would be? Or any other good lakes to hunt around the area?
  8. they do make duck magnets IMO. I do not think they work you need 10mph wind or more to make them work good and scares more ducks than atracts.
  9. Does anyone know of any places you catch suckers around this area in the spring run?
  10. Does anyone know the HSOforum that shows the images of the snow line
  11. I am going to be doing some coyote hunting in north dakota and am wondering if anyone knows of someone who will buy coyotes on the carcass around the fargo/moorhead area
  12. if its a one power scope they can have it on since there is no magnification
  13. yes. it was about four years ago on bow opener. I walked out to my stand in the dark as normal and could hear something parrelling me in the woods didnt think anything of it. Then at first light on the same trail i used to get to the swamp i hunted here comes a couger with in ten yards of my stand. scared the liveing s**t out of me!
  14. I hunt all day both weekends does not pay to get out of the stand unless you get a deer.
  15. we hunted another lake up there and got a four man limit of ringbills in a half hour of shooting on sunday. there was one other guy out on the lake who didnt even fire a shot. def helps scouting and see where they fly because there where ducks every where and we set up where the ducks wanted to be.
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