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  1. Fishingguy, Could you please send me an email? skyndalive at aol (Contact Us Please)
  2. Yes, it needs to be in the sunlight. I've used the yellow 4lb on a panfish rod and it seems to perform alright.
  3. Hey Hanson!.....WOW....congrats on the awesome trip. I love it when I hear about guys working hard to find the fish, and then get rewarded like that! You made a memory that you'll be looking back on for years to come.......Gregg
  4. Skyndalive

    Tica Cetus

    I have 6 SS500 and 2 GV500. Never had any problems in the cold and the drags couldn't be any better. I'm sold on these reels.
  5. [note from Admin] Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you
  6. This is not normal. I had my 4 stroke up at LOW in 25 below and it started great compared to all the two strokes with us. Maybe give D-Rock a call to see what they say....Gregg
  7. If you just can't get it plumb any other way, I suppose you could mount a bird-eye level on the top of the powerhead. Then you could watch to keep it plumb as you're drilling.....Gregg
  8. I recommend getting rid of that big, clumsy styrofoam flotation device for your transducer. It takes up way too much space in the hole. Just set your transducer so its not quite to the bottom of the ice and then tie it off by wrapping it around the vex handle. In the perm I set it in an eye-bolt that's screwed into the wall. With the cord tight up against the side of the hole, you very seldom with have problems with tangles....Hope this helps....Gregg
  9. Pegleg, I was excited about the 4 stroke when it first came out, but was disappointed that they only matched it up with a plastic auger, so I didn't buy one. Then when people started to return their augers because they were breaking the plastic flights, I was able to buy a barely used 4 stroke power head very reasonable. Then I put a two blade 8" lazer auger on it. The best of both worlds in my opinion......Gregg
  10. I too have the four stroke powerhead. I run the two blade 8" lazer on it. Wasn't even going to consider plastic. Love the setup. No mixing gas, durable, easy starts, quiet running and no smoke. It's a little irritating to make sure you don't lay it down the wrong way so oil can seep into the carb and air filter, though.
  11. Skyndalive

    Auger problems

    Talk to D-Rock Power Equipment in New Brighton. Hard to beat that place.
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