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  1. Question for those who know or if any conservation officers read these forums. Because I’m curious if I technically broke the law. We have ave some low land near a lake outlet the recent snow melt flooded the creek and now that the water receded we went to check the field. There were probably 50-100 northern pike scattered around the field dead and half eaten. while looking we found a handful still swimming in the flooded field rows so we picked them and put back in the creek. Good dead right? But could we have been ticketed for techiclly disturbing them during a spawn? (Even though whatever ate the rest would find them also, and they would run out of water very soon).
  2. Hi All, I'm hoping to make a trek out to north Dakota spearing this winter. there will be probably 6 or so of us going so more than we can really hire a guide, plus I don't want to spend 400-500 bucks a guy (adds up when you paying for two) I've heard good things about Sakakawea but it's 180 long not sure where to even start. or is there any other lakes to try. we are looking for action and course hope for a trophy to put on the wall. anyway has anyone been out there and would you be kind enough to help me narrow it down to at least what town to try to get a room at. ...or if anyone knows of any guides that would be willing to work for a consulting fee of some sort. (we will have our own equipment etc..) thanks
  3. Hello all, I'm hopping to get some advise from some of you who are familiar with tracks on atvs. I'm looking at buying a used 2009 Can am 800r that would include tatou 4s tracks as well as wheels on SS rims. my questions are: What are your thoughts on the 09 can ams (good machines)? How hard is it to change between the tracks and tires?(i would want tires for summer use) What are any issues I should expect with the tracks? I've never used them nor do I know anyone who does. Lastly as for as tracks go how does the tatous stack up, did they make many improvements in the last 7 years (I'm Assuming the tracks are 09 as well) Lastly if it was you buying it what would you feel is a fair price? (very good condition under 700 miles) Thanks for any light you can shed Jay
  4. All the way home Sam kept grabbing the trophy decoy, and the Kids one and looking them over inch by inch. Those of you that have one you know how hard it is to get a teenager exited but he really has a great time at this event. Thanks for another great weekend!
  5. I'll bring a couple packs of brats and buns and some sort of dessert.
  6. Sam and I would like to join you again. and I'm bringing my Brother along (I'm not sure if we can make the pizza party, but for sure we will have to set up Saturday morning,) Jayson
  7. That's a really great gift. and a cool painting.
  8. Sam and I are hoping to join in. We will add some Brats as well and some beverages.
  9. Allow me to throw in my 2 cents (although I'm not an expert by any means) I was in the market to purchase one 2 years ago. after reading a ton of reviews/posts I still was unsure which to get. So I went to 3 different sporting goods stores in my area. and asked the sales people witch is best for my needs:(used almost exclusively for ice fishing, want quick accurate and as little as possible interference) each salesperson proceeded to show me the unit they thought I needed. (2 said Marcum one hummingbird) Then I asked them "what do you use?" all three said: "oh I have a vexilar" anyway good luck with your search let us know what you end up with. Jaymo so anyway I bought a fl22 and have never regretted it. (although it doesn't like more than 3 vex's in the same house.)
  10. Great Job Sam on putting those new decy to work!!!! was the lucky decoy the red and white or the brown one? -Merk
  11. Sam and I really had a great time, Thanks for inviting us to participate. It was great meeting everyone Friday night and put some faces to screen names. Also a special thanks from Sam for the kids decoys. He didn't spear anything on Saturday. But speared 3 on Sunday 2 of them came in to one of the new ones he was given sat noon.
  12. don't want to highjack this thread but thinking of getting one as well. questions to those of you that started with the quickfish then went to the insulated hubs. are they easier to set up/take down, or about the same? Are they darker for spearing? I've noticed there are a handful of non-insulated ones on hsolist but no insulated ones for sale. (tells me people are up-grading)
  13. hi, so I was trying to find a lake map on line this morning, and confused, are Dixon lake and 3rd river flowage the same? it looks like 3rd river flowage attaches to Winnie and Dixon is a couple miles away. if we are on 3rd river flowage on Winnie, does anyone have a gps address I can punch in my car gps to get to the access Friday afternoon. I was planning on just entering Dixon resort. but now not sure if that's right.
  14. Finally found a place to stay. We will bring a pack of brats/buns to add to the mix. also some kind of dessert. and a cooler full of beverages. this time I'll leave it in a central location so everyone can help themselves through-out the weekend.
  15. It's really maroon, but yes actually there was, it was on the "oops" paint rack at home depot!
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