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  1. bowhunternw

    Ford Ecoboost

    Anyone else on this motor. It is just annoying the heck out of me when it sits over night it honestly cranks for about 5 seconds before it takes off. I took it back to the place I bought it and since no service engine lights are on they think nothing is wrong. It just doesn't seem right to me that a truck this new should be so hard to start.
  2. bowhunternw

    Ford Ecoboost

    I have a new to me 2013 f150 with the 3.5 ecoboost, the question I have is it seems to be fairly hard to start in the cold. It cranks over fast but on the initial startup of the day it takes a couple of seconds of cranking. Is this normal to this engine or does anyone know what might cause this. It has 70,000 miles.
  3. bowhunternw

    Major League Fishing in Grand Rapids

    Thanks for the heads up, fun to see some semi local fishing.
  4. bowhunternw

    75 merc melted wires

    It does sound like the voltage regulator failed, which shouldn't be hard to replace. The hard part is going to be fixing the wires and tracking the yellow wires all the way back to the stator just to make sure that they only melted at the splice
  5. bowhunternw

    75 merc melted wires

    Looking for some advice. I have a early 2000 75 merc, and while fishing yesterday the motor began running rough and then stalled. Some smoke was coming from the engine, under the hood. There is 2 yellow wires that run from the stator to the voltage regular, and right at the splice they were apparently extremely hot because they melted and screwed up a bunch of other wires that were bunched together with them. I hope I have all the terminology right. So what went wrong? How do I diagnose the issue.
  6. Karlstad area. I got ahold of some grease and loaded the baits up, now see what happens. How often do you check your baits?
  7. Alright thanks boar, this is in a no quota area and while there are bears in the area I don't know how close I need to be to bring them in. I will experiment a little and thanks for the tip.
  8. Do you guys use any kind of scent attractant? I had very little activity on my sites last year, and was thinking that this year I need to work on a better way to pull them in from a distance. I used a combo of liquid smoke and anise last year. Although it smelled great right away, I don't know how long the scent stays strong.
  9. bowhunternw

    Steps For Better Lawn

    Thanks for the tip. Good info there
  10. bowhunternw

    Steps For Better Lawn

    I have a heavily used lawn that has a lot of thin spots and weeds. Would anyone be willing to give a rundown of steps and timing to get a yard shaped up. I think I have read on here that aeration is important in the fall and followed by overseeding. Just looking for some expertise as far as order, timing and importance of steps.
  11. bowhunternw

    atv with no paper work

    Well apparently if the registered owner just lost the registration card, then all that is needed is a bill of sale from them. This particular one has been passed around a few times without being registered so I think I am out.
  12. bowhunternw

    atv with no paper work

    I am looking at an old Polaris atv with no registration card or title. What are the steps to getting it registered? Is it worth the hassle.
  13. Looking for some insight into digging a new pond. It would be just a pond filled by the water table. How would you determine the elevation of the water? Just trying to figure how deep it will have to be dug in order to hold water. This is fairly flat and semi wet terrain and the only source of water would be to go down. Would like to hear some experiences from people that have tried building one before.
  14. bowhunternw

    My Wolf Encounter Video

    Thanks for posting, I think I could handle and encounter with a loner but a pack would make me quite nervous.
  15. bowhunternw

    Measure 5

    First of all no conservation group is going out looking to buy prime ag land. Lots of good things could be done with the money, make programs that pay people not to put sensitive land in production. Protect/replace some of the tree shelterbelts, leave some overgrown draws and wetlands. I think a section with a small percentage of the right habitat can be way more productive than a high percentage of poor habitat. Also I am a huge supporter of public lands, again not prime ag land.