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  1. at times the prop will stop on mine, usually when I move it to turn, need to tear into it sometime, I have use fishelectronics for misc. parts
  2. you need to verify the batteries are good, capable of taking a charge, clean all contacts/connections and check the manual
  3. the new Hummingbird units are capable of mapping. The Onix and Helix have Autochart live, allows you to map the lake as you drive the boat. 9 1012 inch models. I have ran Lowrance for years but seriously looking at the Hummingbirds for this feature.
  4. My favorite reel, no problems with mine
  5. lol, 1,100 The floor was poured a month ago, would like to have floor completed before I move in thanks for input.
  6. I am building a new house and want to either seal or coat the garage floor, roughly 11000 sqft. Sealing appears to be fairly simple, with a coating preparation seems to be the key, but with a new floor it should be a little easier? any recomondations ? Thanks
  7. +1, same for me, I used to write inside spool but started using colored tape on rod handles to easy identify lb/setup. I change line as needed, about 2x year
  8. Improved spot lock and communication with the lowrance would be great, I wonder if the Ipilot accuracy can be improved by Minnkota
  9. Does anyone have any input on the Motorguide Xi5? 80lb 24volt, Lowrance connect Looking for strength of motor and Lowrance communication Currently have a Minnkota powerdrive 80lb 24 volt Ipilot, not sure if its worth changing to Motorguide for the Lowrance communication. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the tips, I will be checking theme out
  11. Great video as usual, good job on the crappies!
  12. I went with a 3 bank 10amp Dual Pro for my lund. A little heavier than my old Pro mariner but with the 10amp it is expected. Look online and you can find fairly good pricing on reconditioned units with warranty
  13. Any recomondations for a shop to repaint my Lund in the St. Cloud/MPLS metro area? Thanks
  14. A few summers ago I tied a jigging rap on while jigging for walleyes on LOW and it turned out to be our go to jig when the bite gets tough, we also use this approach for deep basin crappies, the puppet minnow also works well.
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