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  1. Bargain cave was always good for boots/clothes/random articles of clothing etc. Fishing and hunting items were never really good. Seemed to me it was all Cabela's brand stuff. Maybe because they deal with their returns, if you had to return a Shimano or St Croix, you would be dealing with their customer service i suppose. Over the years Ive only grabbed a few items from them, my favorite probably being a sleeping bag. Good quality and was cheap. Never had luck with any boots my size, or any decent jackets. I had heard from a friend you could actually bargain their mark down price for even another 10-15% off. Where is all the returned stuff going to go???
  2. Fairchild_82

    Woodstock nests

    yes. i see that now, however, Ron Schara's calendar says sept 1st AND sept 22...
  3. Fairchild_82

    Woodstock nests

    Timberdoodle's open on the 1st!! right around the corner. Get out the SBS's
  4. Fairchild_82

    Lake osakis get together 8/18/18

    What's for lunch???
  5. Good fishing! and good eating! great jobs boys....
  6. Fairchild_82

    New Sod

    well i have to move the sprinklers around. about every hour. have to cut the backyard into 4 sections with one sprinkler.so each section gets hit for 1 hour
  7. Fairchild_82

    New Sod

    hey guys. Wife and I moved into our new home the other month, and our lawn was looking great. We went out of town for a few days in July and came back to our grass almost all completely brown. I've been water it every evening for roughly 3-4hrs/night. The grass is slowly starting to come back, but not to what it was. And I don't believe it ever will. Our entire yard in SAND and little dirt, we were not able to put down black dirt before due to timing. My question is this: When can I put down weed n feed? or what kind of fertilizer do i need/able to use? or do I not treat my lawn with any chemical this season?
  8. Fairchild_82

    Just Food and Drink

    Gotta love the blue-cheese butter!
  9. Fairchild_82

    What's more aggravating?

    Never being able to see the fish is always heartbreaking.. I dont mind break-offs next to the boat as long as i've had a good look at the fish, and it's not a PB!
  10. Fairchild_82


    Ah Dylan, you must have gotten a PM from god as well.. Out.Of.Line.
  11. Fairchild_82

    Framed lake maps

    or any local store around the area. I know i have seen a lot of the wooden maps of Voyageurs Natl Park up there in the shops/gas stations/resorts. Expensive too!!
  12. Fairchild_82

    Pflueger President

    Fluger is never the way to go, be safe and stick with Shimano. Atleast you know it's good on warranty.
  13. Fairchild_82

    Plastic Organization

    Rum River Rat; I figured you for a guy with nicer and better equipment than that
  14. Fairchild_82

    Lowrance HDS Gen 2

    a simple lens cloth clears er up new
  15. Fairchild_82

    Garage Floor Crack

    yeah you can't avoid that