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  1. JuanArellano

    tough day on the ice.

    I am really hoping he love as much, or more than I do...
  2. JuanArellano

    tough day on the ice.

    With the ice starting take shape in the western part of the state, we have been on the ice s few days now. Needless to say the fish have been a little tough to get a patterned down on a few lakes. I have to admit that I am not used to have to spend a hole day on the ice to catch a limit of crappies, but I was sure humbled quickly on Sat. I started out the day with spinning out and cracking up my truck. A little heart pounding but, I pulled out of the ditch on 94 and continued my white knuckled drive west... got to the lake, and forgot my parka in the garage!! Nice.... All in all we had a ok day on the ice, and even got my little man to hold and touch some fish, He is 13 months old and seams to like watching dad cut fish...
  3. JuanArellano

    Size heater for insulated hub house

    If I'm out with the big Trap, the buddy heater is all I use. It gets pretty hot in there.
  4. JuanArellano

    Clam Drill Plate w/ Extension

    why not just take the chipper bit off and put it on the lazer pro, when you are going to the fishhouse?
  5. JuanArellano

    12 or 19 deg ducer ?

    you can not beat the 12^ , all around the best ducer that vexilar has on the market.
  6. JuanArellano

    Buying tungsten jigs

    I like Kodiaksg, clam, fiska wolfram's. I use the kodiak more than anything else.
  7. JuanArellano

    Looking for suggestions for Erie

    Captain Mike patterson, google him he is 100% full time giude all seasons
  8. JuanArellano

    Proview Ducer

    I agree...
  9. JuanArellano

    New Auger Input requested

    riverchuck. just remember that you will not be able to re-open hole with the lazer, with out doing damage to your pitch on the auger flighting. If you plan to re-open holes on a regular bases, I would go with the jiffy, or the Ion.
  10. JuanArellano

    Find your ice spots early...

    With the days getting shorter and the temps dropping, It is that time of year to start patterning for your first ice spots. For me, I like to have a good reference of where the fish were during the fall before ice up. This also makes less work for you when you get out on the hard stuff for the first outing, or the first tourney of the year. The reason I like the fall so much is that, most of the time you have the lake all to yourself. So get out there do you home work and enjoy the great fall fishing...... remember be safe out there.
  11. After working like a dog for the last few months, I had a kitchen pass to hit the water yesterday morning. We hit the water at 8:30, and started the hunt. It did not take very long to find out what we were looking for, The only thing we had to deal with was a little wind, But we adapted over came came and had a pretty good day on the water. I tried to keep the boat in the 10 to 15 FOW. zone right on the weed edge. vertical jigging with small heavy baits and plastic, and red worms.
  12. JuanArellano

    were to find tica reels

    Jr's tackle in Brooklyn park has them as well...
  13. JuanArellano

    My new toy.

    I have been running a M18 Milwaukee, for the past 3 years for anything under 20 niches of ice. I have put my clicker to work to see just how many holes I would get out of a battery. with a 6" bit I can get 70 hole in 12 inches of ice. I got 50 hole in 20 inches of ice. With 3 battery's on a average day drilling holes for 4 guys we would get plenty of hole to fish all day long. I am very happy with the my clam/millwaukee set up...
  14. JuanArellano

    Ice Duels

    This does sound fun.. It is more like the European style of match fishing.. We will see how it goes might be a hit..