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  1. The only thing I use the water tray for is to catch the drippings..
  2. eyeguy54, Yeah it will go for that long without having to add any pellets. I will start in the morning with 2-3 hours of cold smoking cheese then crank up the heating element and do whatever meats I am wanting to that day. If you don't burn up all of the pellets you can take the remaining pellets and use them at a later time.
  3. fishing4life, I have a MES 30 and also have the a-maze-n pellet smoker. I use it for all of my smoking needs.. Love it. You can get 9-10 hours of smoke if you fill the maze. It sits just to the left of the heating element and chip tube. You will need to make a tin foil tent to cover the pellet smoker during meat smokes due to the juices dripping on the pellets. I see Fleet is now selling the tubes and pellet smokers...
  4. I bought a Point Cut Corned Beef Brisket and was wondering if I could use this to make pastrami. Anyone have experience using one of these to ,ake pastrami before??
  5. Perchlips, As long as you stay with your house you can stay on the ice overnight. Good luck to ya...
  6. A group of about 10 of us are heading to Waubay this coming Friday morning and I was wondering if anyone had any new reports. Not looking for hot spots just a general fishing report. Thank you for the help..
  7. I have a few different varieties of the Hi-Country jerky seasonings that I will experiment with.
  8. That's what I was thinking too.. I have made plenty of jerky but never turkey.
  9. Going to try my first batch of Turkey Jerky in the smoker this weekend. Looking for a good seasoning to use... Anyone have a good recipe???
  10. I have used the Slaughterhouse brine for farm raised chickens that I have smoked and they turned out great. I tried it on store bought birds and haven't noticed the flavor of the brine in the bird. I will try just injecting them with something and go from there. I also have an MES, what temp did you do the whole bird at??
  11. eyeguy 54, Looking forward to seeing the pics. I have a couple whole turkeys in the freezer and am wanting to throw one in the smoker...Have you ever done a whole bird? What type of brine do you use?
  12. I am looking to get some estimates on a little yard excavation. Had a new roof put on late last summer and when they took the dump container out of the yard they rutted it up really bad and also smashed up a bunch of old 3ft by 3ft cement pavers used as a sidewalk and small patio. Anyone have good experiences with a Landscaper in the St Cloud area?
  13. Juneau4, I was wondering about that but everything i started said to start the seeds 6-8 weeks before frost out... Was hoping that by the first or second week of May we will be frost free and ready to plant but i am sure it's wishful thinking..
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